Suspicious Zombification


This mod was made during MMD's SpookyJam 2021!

Suspicious Zombification is a mod about zombifying animals, fighting off the zombie's curse, eating suspicious pies, and benefiting from their effects.


Zombified Animals

There are currently four custom types of zombified animals, the vanilla zombie horse also mostly works like these custom animals. They can be created either by spawning in a zombie cove, feeding a normal animal some suspicious pumpkin pie with rotten flesh, or converting them while having zombie's curse. If a zombified animal kills its vanilla equivalent, it will convert to a zombified animal at the same condition villagers convert into zombie villagers when killed. Every zombified animal can drop rotten flesh on death, and rarely some of its vanilla counterpart's drops. They will not burn in sunlight, and will also not despawn in peaceful mode. They will not attack by themselves, however they will attack you back. Zombified animals can be cured by giving them the weakness effect, then feeding them a suspicious pumpkin pie with a golden apple. They can also be bred by feeding them a suspicious pumpkin pie containing the flesh of their vanilla counterpart. Example: Breeding zombified sheep requires suspicious pumpkin pie with raw mutton as an ingredient.

Zombified Chicken - It lays rotten eggs.

Zombified Cow - It can be milked to get spoiled milk.

Zombified Pig - Can be ridden with a porkchop on a stick.

Zombified Sheep - It can be colored like normal sheep, and sheared to receive rotten wool.

Zombified Cat - It comes in all kinds of types and gifts its owner candies in the morning.



Trophies are a very valuable thing to the zombies. Stealing them is probably not a good idea. But they look so good!


Zombie Cove

A structure that randomly spawns at the surface. Zombies have called it home, and are living a chill life. You should not interrupt, or steal from them. Should you be cursed by the zombies, it is advised to be careful not to decompose too many living souls. Your only way out is the suspicious ritual.


Suspicious Ritual

The suspicious ritual is the only way to get rid of the zombie's curse. The structure can sometimes be found in the cellar of a zombie cove, but can also be built manually. For the ritual to work it must be night time, and a zombified animal must be inside the ritual structure, and be leashed to the fence in the middle. Initiating the suspicious ritual is as simple as standing inside the ritual structure, drinking a weakness potion, and eating a suspicious pumpkin pie with a golden apple. Upon completion, you will be granted zombie's grace, which will make zombie mobs (drowned, husks, zombies, zoglins, etc.) ignore you for a certain amount of time.
This is how to build the suspicious ritual. The chiseled stone bricks are mandatory, any other stone bricks can be either normal, mossy, or cracked. There are stone bricks under each of the four pumpkins in the corners of the structure. You can use any wooden fence in the middle. The trophy atop the wooden fence can be either a carrot, potato, or iron ingot trophy.



There are multiple types of candy that can be used in the crafting of suspicious pumpkin pies, or eaten alone. They will give various effects when eaten. You can find them in zombie coves. If you have a tamed zombified cat, it will gift you a random candy in the morning. Additionally, there is a small chance for normal cats to gift candies to the player in the morning.


Suspicious Pumpkin Pie

The suspicious pumpkin pie is akin to the vanilla suspicious stew, with one key difference. It is crafted using candies instead of flowers, as well as some other questionable items. Eating such a pie will yield different results depending on the ingredient used, some good, some bad. Craft a suspicious pumpkin pie with a pumpkin, sugar, and an egg, as well as one of the following ingredients depending on the effect you want to achieve when the pie is eaten. Example of how to craft a suspicious pumpkin pie with a honey candy:

Suspicious pumpkin pies can grant vanilla effects that are not granted by the suspicious stew, as well as a couple new ones (see below). You'll have to experiment for the exact effect list!

Valid ingredients: Caramel Candy, Chocolate Cream Candy, Cinnamon Candy, Honey Candy, Melon Candy, Peppermint Candy, Pumpkin Candy, Vanilla Cream Candy, Spoiled Milk Bucket, Rotten Egg, Rotten Wool, Golden Apple, Rotten Flesh, Raw Chicken, Feather, Beef, Leather, Porkchop, Mutton, Gunpowder.

Additionally, candies from the mod Trick or Treat can be used as ingredients. Eating a suspicious pumpkin pie with a candy from that mod will yield a slightly longer effect as eating the candy itself would (where applicable).



These effects can be received when eating the respective suspicious pumpkin pie.

Amplifying: Increases the level of every other effect that the player currently has. For example: Jump Boost I becomes Jump Boost II
Stench: Makes you smell so badly that entities in your vicinity will feel sick.
Cushion: Will reduce fall damage and the effect of knockback.
Decomposing: Will slowly decompose the entity. If it can be zombified, it will convert to its zombified form after the effect wears off. If not, death is inevitable.