ICBM - Interconnected Block Missiles

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Everyone loves PvP and blowing your enemies up with style... but how do you get those explosives to your enemy? Missiles!! With ICBM you gain the ability to craft a diverse range of devices. All of which can be mounted onto wonderful flying orbital projectiles. Fired from the safety of a reinforced bunker without a care for the world.


Oh, but this isn't just a simple one trick explosive attached to an over glorified arrow. ICBM has a range of different styles to meet the needs of a growing empire. Breaching and condensed for simple destructive needs. Specialized explosives such as the antigravity, and emp for hard to crack defenses. The loved kings of destruction thermobaric and nuclear explosions for that house warm party. Finally at the end when your enemy still has not had enough; ICBM presents the Antimatter and Redmatter explosions. For when you need remove an eye sore from existence.




The mod is themed heavily towards coldwar (1950s to 2000s) era missile technology. With the core of that content focusing on launcher based projectiles with rocket assistance. Additional content is provided to support this and to help the player be as creative as possible. So long as the scope of the mod isn't expanded to include all of warfare. 


Content summary:


  • Explosive blocks - vanilla compability, same as tnt in functionality
  • Explosive carts - vanilla compatibility, same as tnt cart in functionality
  • Explosive missiles - core content
  • Cluster missile - advanced missile that allows for dynamic payloads
  • SAM - surface to air missile, can be used to shoot down other missiles and entities
  • Radar - detection of incoming threats, allows for triggering launchers over radio
  • EMP Tower - reusable version of EMP, can be triggered remotely over radio
  • Grenades - throwable versions of the blocks
  • Cruise Launcher - remote operated turret that fires missiles in a direct line
  • Silo Launcher - remote operated platform that fires missiles in a ballistic trajectory from any side of the block
  • Launcher Screen - terminal for controlling several launchers and providing firing solutions
  • Laser Det - remote guidance input for launchers, triggers targeting and firing over radio
  • Remote Det - remote trigger for explosive blocks and launchers, uses radio 
  • Laser Gun - allows recording targeting information for manual input into launchers
  • much more, see wiki for updated information and feature list




If you have an issue click the issue button at the top. As well read our support page for ICBM so to avoid extra time resolving the issue. 




Version 4.x -> 5.x is a content rework. Please note old worlds will see multi-blocks vanish and not be replaced. This can cause launcher setups to break and need to be modified by players. As new launchers no longer are multi-block driven and allow more dynamic setups.


Version 5.x -> 6.x is another rework. Not as heavy handed as the v5 for users but mods will need updated. As API has changed massively with blast system being replaced by action system.



Q: ICBM-Classic?

A: Version 4 for 1.12 and before were considered the classic version of ICBM. Following closely to the original designs implement by calcalvia. Versions after v5 evolved the mod to offer a fresh perspective while maintaining the minecraft blocky visuals.


Q: Interconnected Block Missiles?

A: ICBM traditionally stands for Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Honestly that name hasn't fit the mod from the start. This is still a missile themed project but the content never meet the user's expectations of long distance combat. With the mod lacking large monster of missiles and no long range engagement. As developers we failed to set this expectation. Especially given the original goal was to focus on smaller maps and faster paced PVP combat. Newer version have drifted from this into more generalized missile related content. Allowing for non-destructive uses and more PVE focused applications.


Hence adding the simi-joke name of Interconnected Block Missiles. As a nod to idea that the mod features blocky missiles that are interconnected systems.... or better put it has no meaning. Players can see whatever they want in the content and find creative solutions to it's usage. Even if that means disabling explosives and using just the parachutes as expensive cargo transformation... incoming cargo by missile


Q: No longer uses VE?

A: For newer versions, starting in 1.12, it was decided to remove the dependency on VoltzEngine. 


Q: How to do I get copper?

A: It is expected that you download a large tech mod (Mekanism, Actual additions, IC2, or Thermal Expansion) that offers basic resources. Mekanism specific is what we test with and balance against.


Q: How do I get sulfur?

A: For the 1.12 version creepers will drop sulfur 2x as often as gunpowder. This can be used to craft the explosive and make gunpowder.


Q: How do I power the launchers?

A: Use a support power system (Forge Energy for 1.12, Redstone Flux for 1.7, IC2, etc). Then connect something that can feed power into the launcher. For 1.12 any part of the launcher will work. For 1.7 the controller and  frame will work. 


If desired, the 1.12 version can disable the power requirement via the in game config. This can be toggled while playing and does not require a restart.


Q: Why Defense Tech or <insert other clone> exist?

A: Aidian was given permission by our team to work on his own version. The hope was that he would create a good match for the original. This never worked out but anyone is welcome to continue trying in the future. As we wish to see as many versions of the mod exist to give players options. Does this mean you can actually copy the mod completely... no. As the assets are not fully owned nor transferable to new projects. The code has been made open sourced to help with development but we ask that is not copied in its entirety mostly as its a bit rough & buggy. 


Q: Calclavia made ICBM why are you developing it?

A: Yes, Calclavia made the original mod but did not work on it alone. I, DarkGuardsman aka DarkCow aka QueenOfMissiles , helped with the mod and UE before the team disbanded. During the disband I traded Calclavia for ICBM in order to prevent it from being abandoned.