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This is NOT a mod that can change a chest's rotation! It lets you connect and disconnect chests without removing the chests.


Wrenchest adds a single item, the Chest Wrench. With it you can connect and disconnect chests without having to break and place them again.
To connect two chests together, just rightclick a chest with the chest wrench on the side that is facing towards the chest you want to connect to. Both chests have to be single chests, otherwise connecting will not work. To disconnect two chests, just rightclick any of the chests with the chest wrench. Note, that you don't have to take out any items, they will stay in the chests when you dis-/connect them.
You can control which way the connected chests will be facing by clicking the corresponding area on the respective side. This is shown in the video below. Note, that when the crosshair is placed further back on the side, the chests will be facing away from the player. When the crosshair is placed further towards the front, the chests will face towards the player.



Here's a short video of the mod in action. The texture is missing because this video was created during development, however the functionality did not change.


The chest wrench can be crafted as shown below. It has 256 uses and can be repaired with iron ingots in the anvil.


Q: Can you backport this to xxx?
A: No.

Q: Does this work with ender chests?
A: No, as ender chests can only be single chests.

Q: Does this work with trapped chests?
A: Yes. In fact, it should work with any chest that extends the vanilla chest.

Q: Does this work with modded chests?
A: See previous answer.


Thanks to julian on MMD for the name.


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack, it would be cool if you'd let me know if you do so.


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