Superior Shields

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Superior Shields adds personal force fields, much like the energy shields from games like Borderlands and Halo. Place the shield in it's curios slot, and away you go! There are shields available for vanilla and modded materials, all with different stats abilities. Use a Netherite shield enchanted with Shield Capacity to survive even the most powerful attacks, or an Electrum Shield enchanted with Amplify to do massive bonus damage when hitting enemies, at a small cost to your shield's health.

Your Superior Shield will automatically regenerate over time so long as you aren't taking damage. The delay before recharging (i.e. the time without damage), the rate of recharging and the total shields are different for each shield and listed in the tooltip. Shields can be enchanted with special abilities, such a nova's that trigger an area of effect ability when depleted, or spikes that apply effects to monsters that attack you. Some shields, such as the Firey shield from the Twilight Forest, come with abilities built-in in addition to being enchantable. More enchantments and mods to integrate with will be added over time.

Currently the following mods have shield integration.

  • Various shields made from common metals in tech mods (e.g. Tin, Lead, Bronze, Steel)
  • Thermal Series - A Flux Shield that is augmentable at the Tinker's Workbench
  • Mekanism - A matching shield for every armor set, and an Electric Shield that runs on energy
  • Immersive Engineering - A steel shield and the Engineer's Shield that can be recharged
  • Botania - Shields powered by mana. The Elementium shield also boosts your faerie friends! 
  • Malum - Boosting your magical potential for soul harvesting
  • The Twilight Forest - Knightmetal, Firey, Steeleaf and Ironwood shields to protect you as you adventure through the forest.

... And many more are still to come.

The mod is fully configurable, with all shields and their stats being modifiable in the server config (found in the world folder), along with the power level of enchantments. 

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