Super Decaying Simulator 2022


This Botania addon allows for every generating flower to decay over time, kinda like the Hydroangeas does. Sick of people spamming Endoflames? Make them decay! You can control the passivity and decay time of each flower individually.


Additionally, it keeps track of the amount of mana each type of flower generates in your world, and the total amount of mana generated across all flowers. By pressing the "View Statistics" key (not bound to anything by default) you can open a UI showing that information. Yes, I have heard the joke about how I added a GUI to Botania, it wasn't even that funny the first time, thank you.


Full documentation is on the github readme.


This is a port of that one thing from 1.12's Botania Tweaks.


Known shortcoming: Doesn't support generating flowers from addons. I'm not too familiar with the world of Botania addons these days; if you want a particular flower added, let me know.


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