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Sunflower Delight


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🌻 About
Sunflower Delight is an addon for Farmer's Delight that adds sunflower seed products and a little more! 

It's recommended to play with JEI and Appleskin to view recipes and food stats in-game.

đź“– Main Features

  • New uses for two block high flowers.
  • New food, ingredients and drinks.
  • New blocks for compact storage of sunflower seeds.
  • A new headdress with a special effect. (Effect can be disabled in the "game rules")


If you want to translate mod into your language, write to me!


đź“° Permissions & FAQ

You are allowed to include this mod in videos and modpacks as long as download link leads to this curseforge page.

You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other websites and launchers, nor use any mod assets in other projects.

đź’ˇ Afterword

If you have any suggestions or corrections, feel free to talk about them! Perhaps it is your idea that will influence future updates. Have a nice game!