Straw Golem Unofficial Extended Life

793 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2022 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2

This is a Fork of  "Straw Golem" since it didn't receive an update in forever, and is only here to fix a bug that probably will never be fixed otherwise. Furthermore as stated by the original author, we can do whatever we want with his mod at this point.

I know that there is "Straw Golem Reborn" but it only supports version 1.14+. This mod will only ever support version 1.12.2.


Original Description:

This mod adds a spawnable straw golem. It's a very weak golem and flees whenever hostile mobs come nearby, but it can harvest full grown crops (however it can't pick up drops).

For more info and for a Getting Started guide, check out the wiki


Link to the original mod:


  • Is Straw Golem compatible with *a mod that adds crops*?
    As long as that mod's crops extends the BlockCrops class, yes it is. If you don't know if that mod's crops do so, you may ask that mod's author, test the compatibility yourself or trying to search in that mod's source code. However, following there is a list of tested mods with crops compatible with Straw Golem:
  • There is a right-click-to-harvest like feature?
    Yes, there is. The Auto Replant flag does that. However, this feature doesn't simulate a player right click, but it simply replants the same crop where it had harvested it (obviously with age set to minimum). Check this wiki for more info.



  • Fradige95 (NivOridocs) - Original Author of the Mod
  • Gaphodil - for creating a pull request, that fixes the blacklist feature in this mod
  • Akhenaten (kcobolt) - for the logo, taken from the original mod page


This mod is published under MIT. (Same license Fradige95 originally choose.)