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This mod was rewritten (and renamed) for newer versions - find the continuation here!

Steamcraft 2 is the second iteration of Proloe's Steamcraft mod, which was discontinued back in Minecraft B1.8.1. Other than the name, and a few of the original Steamcraft features/ideas, the mod has an entirely new take on all things steampunk. Its aim is to extend Minecraft by adding post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic blocks/items for your (and our) enjoyment. With everything from Rayguns and Lightning Rods to Tea and Smog, this mod is inteded to immerse you in a Victorian-era world.  

NOTE: This mod requires the BoilerPlate Lib mod to run.Get it HERE.

Changelogs are attached to each file. Alternatively, a full changelog & key is available here:

 (In Dev)

 (And bug reports)

Think you have found a bug? Head on over to our github, and use it's issues page (Here, have a link: Create a new issue, with a descriptive title and if possible steps to reproduce in the description. Don't forget to tag it as bug. If it causes a crash, tag it with critical too.

In a similar vein, suggesting features is also handled through the github issues page. This time, tag the issue as feature, if it is something entirely new, or enhancement if it is a new feature for an old one.Want to go one better? Submit a pull request to the repository, with your bugfixes/new features, and we will look it over, request any changes that are necessary, if any, and accept it at our discretion.

This is a section for listing the features added for inter-mod compatibility. Firstly, everything that needs to be is ore-dictionary registered, and so should help with compatibility.

Compatibility Added:

  • Version Checker- This mod is compatible with this tidy update checker. Recommended that you install this to stay up to date.
  • Thermal Expansion - This mod uses the RF API for some of it's machines.

Incompatible Mods:

  • None, so far, that have been found.

  • warlordjones: author of the mod Steampunkery (which was merged into SC2), programmer; speciality: fancy, items/vanity system, lots 'n' lots of ideas, and breaking things
  • decebaldecebal: programmer; speciality: complicated tile entities, power systems, GUIs


  • wierdude1999: texture-artist
  • WolfieWaffle: texture-artist


  • Surseance: Ex-Coder, team creator, ideas
  • domi1819: core modular armour system creator
  • MrIbby: handyman, occasional coder.
  • HCSarise: Documentor
  • frothiny: texture contributor
  • seanvanpelt2: logo creator, artist
  • Falkok15: modeler, texture-artist
  • Rongmario: support, beta tester
  • ClockwerkKaiser: Chief Motivator.

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This mod uses the MMPL v1.0, which can be found here: Also, please don' just copy and paste chunks of code and claim it as your own! In the words of the CoFH team, "Don't be a jerk!";


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You can include this mod in any modpack, public or private. We'd appreciate it if you gave us a notification about it though. :) Go ahead!


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