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Standing Stones



This mod adds the standing stones from Skyrim to Minecraft. Each stone is rarely and randomly generated within the world, activating the stone (by right clicking the center block) will bring up a GUI asking if you wish to activate the stones abilities giving you a permanent buff. However you are only able to have one stone buff at a time for example; if you have one stone activated, activating another will remove the previous buff and add the new one. The stones are unbreakable meaning that you cannot pickup the stones and take them back to your base, instead you must travel to the stones you find to change your ability.


Current Standing Stones:

Jump Stone - Grants Jump Boost effect


Mining Stone - Grants Haste Effect


Sneak Stone - Grants the ability to go invisible when crouching which will avoid mob detection. It also allows you to lose mob detection if you're already being targeted whilst crouching and invisible.

This stone consumes XP when crouching and using the invisibility.

Water Stone - Grants water breathing ability, however it comes with side effects. This stone also curses you to have slowness and mining fatigue whenever you enter water.

Luck Stone - Grants the luck effect


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