🔪 What is Butchery?

Butchery is a mod that makes harvesting mobs and animals much much more immersive and fun. Whilst simply killing mobs is still an option with this mod installed, you have the added option of kill a mob with the brand new Butcher's Knife. Killing a mob with the butchers knife will cause the mobs corpse to drop instead of their original loot (with the exception of sheep, they drop their corpse in addition to their wool). Once you've aquired their corpses you're free to start the butchering process.


🥩 Features

  • Mobs killed with the butchers knife will drop their corpse
  • Corpses can be hung on hooks and cut with any knife to drain them of their blood
  • Drained corpses can either be placed on the butchers table or left on the hook and cut up using the Butchers Knife
  • Bloody table? Don't forget to use a sponge to clean up the blood!
  • When bleeding animals make sure to place a blood grate below to catch the blood otherwise it will pour over the floor. You can use a sponge to clean the blood up also.
  • Compatibility with Farmer's Delight knifes (further compatibility planned)
  • Use pliers to obtain a wishbone from a headless chicken corpse, you can infuse this wishbone with a nether star in a  brewing stand to make your wishes actually come true! (kinda, not really)
  • Use sulphuric acid on corpses to receive the full skeletal remains
  • Turn animal skins to leather with a process of wetting and salting on the skin rack


🐖 Currently Included Mobs

  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Sheep
  • Goat

I am actively working on the rest of the vanilla mobs, once implemented they will be added to this list.


❓ How Do I? 

1. Obtain animal/mob corpses

- To obtain animal/mob corpses you must kill them with the butchers knife.


2. How do I drain the corpse of its blood?

- Simply craft a chain and a hook (recipe below), place the chain down and place the hook onto the chain. Once this is done you can place the corpse on the hook and right click it whilst holding any knife or sword. Warning: Make sure to have a blood drain to collect the blood below otherwise the blood will spill all over the floor


3. How do I cut up the corpse?

- Once drained you can either cut up the corpse on the hook or on the butchers table. To do it on the hook simply right click whilst holding the butchers knife. To do it on the table, pickup the corpse and place it on the butchers table then, again, right click with the butchers knife


4. How do I craft acid?

- To craft acid you must locate sulfur ore underground, using the sulfur you can brew sulfuric with water bottles to obtain sulphuric acid (recipe below)


5. Where do I get salt?

- Salt can be found in rivers and oceans.


6. How do I obtain animal/mob skeletons?

- Right click on a corpse with sulphuric acid to remove all flesh and leave the skeletal remains.


7. How do I turn skins into leather?

- Firstly you'll need to craft the skin rack (recipe below). Once you have this crafted and placed, simply right click the rack whilst holding the skin to place it onto the rack. Then you'll need a wet sponge to wet the skin, once wet you can rub salt onto the skin. Then all you can do is wait, approx. 2 minutes IRL, and the skin will turn into leather.



🛠️ Crafting Recipes

All crafting recipes can be view with the addition of JEI (Just Enough Items) mod.

If you don't have/want JEI installed, here's the crafting recipes.



Q: Can I request a mob/animals from X mod?

A: Sure! Once all vanilla mobs have been added, and providing I am able to obtain the model for X mob/animal I will add compatibility!