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Nether Remastered

🔥 What is Nether Remastered

Looking for bit more of a challenge? Inspired by the amazing End Remastered, this mod makes it more of a challenge to enter The Nether. No longer can you simply just obtain some obsidian, craft a flint & steel, activate portal and stroll on into The Nether. You can still craft and activate the portal however you will no longer be able to enter the dimension.


đź“ś How To Enter The Nether

  • Create Obsidian Infused Bottles with 2x Glass and 1x Crying Obsidian (Crafts x3)
  • Hold the Obsidian Infused Bottle in your off-hand and kill anyone undead mob, doing so will trap the Nether Essence inside the bottle
  • Obtain all four shard pieces from Evokers, Witches, Abandoned Mineshafts and Pillager Outposts. (Note: Each mob/structure only drops ONE variant of the shard. I.e. Evoker only drops the bottom left shard.).
  • Now for possibly the most challenging task, kill the Warden to obtain the Nether Crystal
  • Once you've obtain all the required items you can now craft the Seal Of The Underworld
  • Use the seal to be granted access to the Nether