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Splinter Mod


This mod adds splinters into the game.


You have a chance (configurable) of getting splinters when breaking a wood block with your fist.

When you get a splinter they deal half a heart of damage (configurable) and it shows your splinters in a counter on the upper left of the screen.

For each splinters your ability to regenerate is reduced by 1 half heart (configurable) times the amount of splinters you have.

You can craft tweezers, you can use tweezers to remove splinters.

When you right click with tweezers it lowers your splinter count by one, does a quarter heart of damage, and gives you a splinter item or petrified splinter item. The Chance of petrified splinter is 10% (configurable)


Credit to funwayguy for textures and epiccraft2 for the idea