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This is a very basic Particle Trails plugin. I originally made it for my server and I thought it could be useful to people who dont need a way too fancy plugin but still want to have trails. It is very lightweight and the current file is only 14.4 Kilobytes!!!

Permission: If per trail perms is not enabled the only permission is trails.trail to be able to use the trails. The permission to apply trails to others is trails.trail.other.

Per Trail perms: You have the option in the config of setting perTrailPerm to true. What this does is makes it so instead of just having one master permission each trail has its own individual permission. It is always trails.{trail name}. So for example the magic trail would be trails.magic. The permission to apply the trails to other players is trails.{trail name}.other so for example trails.magic.other.

Gui Tab Support

Clear: If you want to be able to clear your current trail (why would you want to do that?) you can do /trail clear. Or do the command for the trail you currently have to toggle it off

I am open to feature suggestions :D , If you have an idea/feature you want added post a comment and I will read it and I might add it ;)

Crack Trail: The crack trail is somewhat special. It allows you to have the block break animation of any block in the game by id. Its not in the /trails gui so to activate it you have to do /trail crack {block id} for example /trail crack 1 for the stone break animation.

If you find any bugs you can report them at the github page below

Please make sure you have the latest version before reporting any bugs as they may have already been fixed

Source: The source can be found here: https://github.com/minecreatr/BasicTrails


If you are using this plugin on your server feel free to comment with your servers ip and I will add it to the servers page :D

Servers using Basic Trails