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Cliffie's Goos

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Cliffie's Goos is indefinitely on hold.

As it is right now, I've retired from Minecraft modding, and don't feel any particular draw to come back to it.  That means it's pretty likely there won't be any further official updates for the mod, in Minecraft at least.  It may come back in another form down the line for a different game, but I can't advise holding your breath about it.  If you want an up-to-date version, feel free to fork the project - the source code is still publicly available - and bring it up to date, add or change whatever aspects of it you'd like, etc, yourself.  Lemme know if you do, I can put an official link to it so people'll know there's a new version out there. In the meantime, may your ore veins be rich, and your pickaxes durable.  Cheers, everyone, and thanks for having come along for the ride.


Now for your regularly scheduled description...

Cliffie's Goos is a weird mod about emergence, worlds melting, and more.  I take the simple idea of a taint/nanotech goo that spreads along the world, and put my spin on it. I'm planning to implement all these:

Goos come in "tiers", a tier 0 goo is mainly for trolling people, as it only spreads onto other blocks that aren't bedrock or a goo-resistant wall block.
* A tier 1 goo will probably have a chance to poision you or give mining fatigue, and can spread much farther when it spreads. Basically a better tier-0.
* A tier 2 goo would be a gas-type goo that will impede your vision and slowly kill you.
* A tier 3 goo is like tier 2 and 1 combined.
* Tier 4 goos: THE WORLD ENDS. Do not use unless you have a orbital death laser.

All the goos have some neat emergent properties, that are rather unintentional. Features:
* Tier 0 goos: Generates underground (can be toggled on/off), available in 8 colors.
* Tier 1 goos: Generates much more rarely underground (also togglable), same 8 colors. Poisons you, so be careful with it!
* Tier 2 goos: Gas, doesn't generate naturally due to how dangerous it is. It gives you weak blindness when you're in it, and often poisons you if you're not wearing a gas mask..
* Tier 3 goos: Nearly end of the world stuff, does not generate. Super bad.
* Force fields: Only way to keep out tier 3 goo. Looks freaking cool as well.
* Gas mask: Made using some anti-taint walls and a airlock block, keeps you from dying in a gas cloud. Also gives iron-level protection, and has near infinite durability.
* Speed/slow goos, crafting stays secret for now. Harmless and don't spread, and make you go "WHEE!" or "blaaah.", respectively.
* Air locks: Still need to fix these up, they're supposed to be a easy way to move through your force field.
* Anti-goo walls: Keep out the badness! Has a config option for the expensive version (needs diamond instead of stone).
* Open source, fork and poke the mod all you freakin' want!
For more info, head on over to - it's the official "wiki".

Thanks to Minecreatr for making the 1.7 version not explode into a million pieces!

Install instructions:
Install forge for MC 1.6.4, using whatever method suits you.
Find your way to .minecraft (easiest to use open resource packs folder, then go up a folder)
Find your mods folder, drop the CliffiesGoos zip into it, done!
1.7 beta instructions:
Install Forge for 1.7, using whatever method suits you.
Get to .minecraft and add the Cliffie's Goos beta to your mods folder.
Run client once to make sure it doesn't crash, and change any config options you need to.
Restart for config changes - done! Get to playing with the mod, and remember to have fun!

This is licensed under the GPL, so I believe you can include this in your modpacks. :) Please just link back here (and maybe PM me so I can play your pack as well).

Want to show your love for the mod?
Put this in your sig on the Minecraft Forums!

WARNING: Could completely destroy your world and turn it into goo, so be freakin' careful