Spider Queen

133,910 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 5, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10
We're proud to finally release the Spider Queen mod, in all of its glory! For those unfamiliar with it, Spider Queen was a popular Minecraft mod by djoslin and Pullahoko that met its demise after the largely mod-breaking 1.3 update of Minecraft. It has been through several iterations in the past, one of which was written by me Spider Queen Reborn.
We felt that Reborn did not live up to its predecessor, and we're sure that its players felt that way too. So, in response, we've taken the original mod and ported it to 1.7.10. All original content is back, and better than ever!


Spider Queen reverses the role of the player in Minecraft by placing them in the role of a monster instead of a human. As the Spider Queen, you will be able to see better in the dark, climb up and swing from walls and ceilings, catch monsters and humans, and use them to create new spiders that will protect you from danger!

Explore the darkness to your heart's content. Make friends with mobs like skeletons, zombies, creepers, and bees. Befriend the creatures of the night! Battle roving bands of humans, or be friends with them. The choice is yours!

Create an army and a family! Be a monster today.


  • Humans are the enemy! Become the Spider Queen, or be yourself! You can keep a spider body with your player's skin. The Spider Queen can use webslingers, create string to web up creatures, and even see in the dark!
  • Capture creatures and use them to breed many unique spiders, including Boom Spiders, Ender Spiders, and Pack Spiders.
  • Fight or befriend a variety of new creatures, including Bees, Mandragoras, Ants, Beetles, Wasps, and more!
  • Climb walls using webbing, or swing across long distances using the new and improved webslinger.
  • Conquer new in-game bosses, such as rival Spider Queens, Jack, and Yuki!
  • ...and much more! See our How To Play page for an in-depth guide.


Note: Spider Queen connects to a remote server to check for updates and send crash reports.
Download from the Files tab above!
Looking for a guide? Check out our How To Play page for more in-depth information about Spider Queen.


Credit goes to the following people for their role in creating the new Spider Queen:
  • djoslin (original programmer, provided legacy code)
  • Pullahoko (original designer, current designer)
  • WildBamaBoy (programmer)
  • SheWolfDeadly (programmer)
  • Mario348 (triage testing)