Crash To Main Menu

75,635 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

 This mod allows Minecraft to recover from certain crashes. Instead of closing the game, recoverable crashes will show an error message and allow you to return to the Main Menu.


Why use this mod?

You can already unload and swap between worlds without closing the game, but the second an error occurs in your world, it's unloaded're crashed to your desktop. Why? It makes no sense, does it? I thought so, too.


This mod could be useful for mod/modpack developers, streamers, YouTubers, etc. who want to avoid the chore of waiting for Minecraft to reload after a world crash, which, in all honesty, should have always been recoverable.


How does this mod work?

This is a coremod which modifies the Minecraft client itself at runtime. It implements its own version of Minecraft's run() method that allows it to control which errors close the game and which return you to the main menu.


Which errors are recoverable?

Just about anything that occurs in a loaded world that normally crashes you to the desktop is recoverable. Problems that occur during Minecraft's loading phase are not recoverable and will still crash to desktop.


Can I still see crash reports?

Yes. Although the game will not close, all crashes will be recorded as normal in the crash-reports folder.


Can I use this on servers?

No. This mod is only designed to be used client-side and will not work on servers.


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