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Spells & Shields


Rewrite for Data Packs

This mod is currently being rewritten to be fully data driven, so you will also be able to make your own spells with json files. For development updates join the discord.

To not confuse people, the in-dev BETA v2 versions are kept exclusively on modrinth and the feature-rich v1 versions are exclusively kept on curseforge. This will change once v2 is fully released. Then you will find both major versions on both platforms.

The rewrite is actually already done when it comes to all the mechanics running in the background. The full release of v2 is basically going to happen once all features of v1 are re-added using the new data driven system.

To check out the in-dev BETA v2 version, check out the modrinth page:

Spells & Shields BETA v2

To get the feature-rich v1 version, you are at the right place (curseforge).


Join my Discord server to get frequent updates about the mod. This is a direct channel to me for feedback & suggestions.




  • A new mana system that works similarly to the health bar.
  • Numerous spells which can be learned by exploring different spell trees.
  • New potions, enchantments and effects to properly embed the new features into vanilla Minecraft.
  • The physical aspect of PvP is still very strong, viable and deadly against magic.
  • Different configs and commands to allow proper customization for players and servers.
  • Every new feature and mechanic is well thought through to try and not make any vanilla aspect obsolete.


Compatibility & Integrations

Design Plan

This is the current design plan. This contains a very simple form to suggest spells, if you are interested in contributing:


Spells can be equipped in spell trees after learning them. You have 5 spell slots available in total. Each spell slot can be equipped individually with a spell. To fire that spell you use the key binding associated with the slot the spell is in. You can always view your equipped spells in your survival inventory. Spells typically just consume mana as a cost to fire them, but it can differ for each spell.

Spell Trees

You gain access to your available spells and spell trees in the Enchanting Table (yes, the vanilla one). Similar to enchantments, you unlock spells by consuming experience levels. The cost for each spell can differ. The spells and spell trees you can interact with on an Enchanting Table are dependent on the amount of bookshelves placed around it (maximum amount is 32). This means that you can not equip or learn certain spells and spell trees if the surrounding enchanting power (bookshelves) is too low (they will not show up at all).

Spells are forgotten on death (by default, this is configurable) meaning that you have to re-learn them (eg. invest XP) but they are still visible in their respective spell trees.


Mana is the source of energy to perform spells. The mana regeneration is always static at 1 full mana unit per 5 seconds (you can hold up to 10 mana units by default). Of course, your current mana can be influenced by different potions and effects. The mana bar is shown in blue, unless the Leaking effect is applied to you, in which case the colour turns into a slight green. Additionally, there is extra mana which is shown in pourple. Extra mana works just like the absorption effect works in terms of health: Whenever you burn mana while having extra mana it is burned from the extra mana resource. Extra mana is given in certain occasions or by certain effects and does not regenerate once burned. There is also a mana boost effect that may affect your maximum mana.


  • Mana Boost: Works similar to the existing Health Boost effect: Modifies your maximum mana.
  • Extra Mana: Works similar to the existing Absorption effect (yellow hearts): Increases your maximum mana with extra units that can not be regenerated.
  • Silence: You can not activate any spells actively while this effect is active.
  • Magic Immune: You are immune to any magic damage that does not ignore invulnerability (eg. falling out of the world).
  • Some more effects which are available for potion brewing (see Potions below).


There are new potions which interact with your new mana resource. They mirror those potions that interact with your health in time and amplification:

  • Potion of Instant Mana = Awkward Potion + Lapis Lazuli: Instantly restores mana, similar to the Potion of Healing.
  • Potion of Mana Bomb = Potion of Instant Mana + Fermented Spider Eye: Instantly burns mana, similar to the Potion of Harming.
  • Potion of Replenishment = Awkward Potion + Tube Coral Fan: Restores mana over time, similar to the Potion of Regeneration.
  • Potion of Leaking = Awkward Potion + Dead Tube Coral Fan: Burns mana over time, similar to the Potion of Poison.


  • Magic Protection: Applied to armour. Works similar to existing Protection enchantments (eg. Protection, Projectile Projection, ...): Protects twice as well against magic damage as the Protection enchantment does but is incompatible with other Protection enchantments.
  • Mana Blade: Works similar to existing damage enchantments (eg. Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, ...): Consumes mana on hit to increase damage but is incompatible with other damage-increase enchantments.
  • Mana Shield: TODO This does nothing as of now. I recommend NOT using this as compatibilities might change.
  • Mana Regeneration: Increases your mana regeneration: Wearing a full set of armor with the maximum level of this enchantment applied effectively doubles your mana regeneration. Chestplate and Leggings give more than Helmet and Boots. Incompatible with "Maximum Mana".
  • Maximum Mana: Increases your maximum mana: Wearing a full set of armor with the maximum level of this enchantment applied effectively doubles your maximum mana. Chestplate and Leggings give more than Helmet and Boots. Incompatible with "Mana Regeneration".


  • Maximum Mana: Min Value: 0, Max Value: 1024, Default Value: 20, ID: spells_and_shields:generic.max_mana
  • Mana Regeneration: Min Value: 0, Max Value: 50, Default Value: 1, ID: spells_and_shields:generic.mana_regeneration


  • /spells progression learn (targets) (spell): Makes a target learn a specific spell.
  • /spells progression learn (targets) all: Makes a target learn all spells.
  • /spells progression forget (targets) (spell): Makes a target forget a specific spell (a forgotten spell can still be seen in spell trees but must be re-learned).
  • /spells progression forget (targets) all: Makes a target forget all spells (a forgotten spell can still be seen in spell trees but must be re-learned).
  • /spells progression reset (targets): Resets spell progression for all targets to start (full wipe).
  • /spells slots set (targets) (slot) (spell): Sets a spell in a spell slot (0-4) for all targets.
  • /spells slots remove (targets) (slot): Clears a spell slot (0-4) for all targets.
  • /spells slots clear (targets): Clears all spell slots for all targets.

Configuration Files

  • You can configure both basic client side (eg. where to put the Mana Bar) and server side settings.
  • Every spell is individually configurable, including their mana costs, consumed items when firing them or their individual effects (eg. damage of a Fire Ball spell).
  • Spell trees can be redesigned, removed or added to your liking. Every from spells to required bookshelves is customizable.
  • Configuration files do not need to be synchronized from the server to the client. The server can keep exact spells settings and their spell trees secret with the information only being revealed on players' discovery.
  • All configuration files are inside the .minecraft/config/spells_and_shields folder.

client.toml and server.toml

Contains very basic settings. Everything is explained inside said configuration files. Most values can be changed while the game is open.

spell_trees Folder

Every available spell tree is loaded from in here. As explained, you can add, remove or edit any file in here. Every .json file is seen as potential spell tree and parsed (the file name does not matter). If a file is of invalid format it will not be loaded and an error is dispatched in the log file (the game continues and does not crash).

spells Folder

Most spells are configurable and their config files are in here. Only ever edit the values of these files - do not add, remove or rename any file in here as the game would simple ignore them or recreate them in their default setting.


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