CAS' Extra Potions

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Vanilla Minecraft has some unused effects hidden in the code. This mod makes potions with these effects brewable in survival. Additionally, there are some new trade-off potion effects adding stronger effects combined with some bad effects (inspired by the Potion of the Turtle Master).


Potions can be turned into Splash Potions, Lingering Potions or Tipped Arrows the common way (Gunpowder, Dragon Breath, Arrows). Most Potions can also be increased in length and/or strength (Redstone and Glowstone Dust).


Keep in mind that, yes, not all potions are useful for drinking, but that is why you can either throw them or put them on to arrow tips.


Potion recipes should now also show up in JEI!





Potions List

Potion Name followed by the recipe and maybe followed by a description if not obvious. [R] means you can combine it with Redstone to increase potion duration, [G] means you can use Glowstone Dust to improve strength, [G/R] means you can do both (either or).


Milk Bottle

Actually not a Potion, but I mention this here to make sure people see this. Basically, Milk Buckets are not stackable, so I added Milk Bottles instead. These are stackable and can be obtained by just right-clicking on a Cow while holding an empty Glas Bottle. Drinking these remove all effects that are curable by Milk Buckets.


Potion of Blindness [R]

Potion of Invisibility + Spider Eye


Potion of Nausea [R]

Awkward Potion + Slime Ball


Potion of Health Boost [R/G]

Potion of Regeneration + Honey Bottle

Adds more red hearts temporarily. These can be regenerated (if lost) for the duration of the potion.


Potion of Absorption [R/G]

Potion of Healing + Honey Bottle

Gives you yellow hearts temporarily. These can not be regenerated if lost.


Potion of Glowing [R]

Thick Potion + Prismarine Crystals

Makes you glow like when hit by a Spectral Arrow.


Potion of the Underground Explorer [R/G]

Awkward Potion + Poisonous Potato

Ideal for safe mining journeys: You mine faster and you are saturated for the duration, but you become more vulnerable (you have less maximum health).


Potion of Resistance [R/G]

Awkward Potion + Turtle Egg


Potion of Iron Skin [R/G]

Awkward Potion + Chain

Gives you actual armor properties. Stacks with already worn armor.


Potion of the Swift Traveller [R/G]

Potion of Swiftness + Feather

Ideal for surface exploration: You run a lot faster and jump a lot higher, but you mine a lot slower and deal almost no damage to no damage at all.


Potion of the Pretentious Partisan [R/G]

Potion of Regeneration + Apple

Highly situational: Your max health (red hearts) gets reduced, but you gain a lot more absorption (yellow hearts), increasing your hp by a lot initially!


Potion of the Ancient Pentathlete [R/G]

Potion of Swiftness + Rabbit Foot

Potion of Leaping + Sugar

Yes, 2 different recipes for this one. Combines the Potion of Leaping and Potion of Swiftness into one.


Potion of Wither [R/G]

Potion of Poison + Bone


Potion of the Hungry Giant [R/G]

Potion of Health Boost + Bone

You gain more health and knockback resistance, but you become slow and hungry.


Potion of the Head Monk [R/G]

Potion of Blindness + Blaze Powder

Makes you really strong, but also blind.