Speechcraft (Fabric)

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Speechcraft forces you to control Minecraft with your voice


it was created for my making dumb minecraft mods series:





To play the game you will need to talk. This mod will not work without a microphone connected.

You will get better results with a better microphone. Your results may vary depending on your accent.

Only english is supported.


Voice Commands:


Move Forward -
Moves you forward.


Move Backward-
Moves you backward.


Move Left-
Moves you left.


Move Right-
Moves you right.


Stop/End -
Cancels the current held action


Attack -

Swings item/arm [Left click]


Break -

Breaks block [Hold Left click]


Use -

Uses the currently held item or activates block [Right click]


Hold -

Uses the currently held item over time (Food, bows, etc) [Hold Right Click]


Sneak -

Toggles Sneak


Select/Slot [Number, 1 - 9] -

Selects that slot in your hotbar


Inventory -

Opens your inventory


Jump -



Swap -

Swaps/moves items from your offhand


Drop -

Drops currently selected item


Chat -

Opens chat


Pick -

Pick block (middle mouse)


If you're wondering why the mod file is so large, it's because that's all the speech recognition models/stuff/magic. Nothing I can do about it.



This mod is mostly intended as a joke, but it is fully functional.


This mod will not receive any updates, bug fixes or ports, but it's licensed so anyone can do that if they really want.


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