Simple XP Config


Makes sources of experience points more configureable.

The first time you open a world, it will generate the default config files (which disable spawner mob xp drops).

  •  Make certain mobs spawned by mob spawners not drop xp. Create a blacklist or whitelist of entity registry names to block them from dropping xp on death when spawned by a spawned. This behaviour is a port of Xp Spawner Control (1.12, GPL) by bright_spark. (world/serverconfig/xpspawnercontrol-server.toml)
  •  Add xp drops when certain blocks are broken (based on registry name and block state properties). (world/serverconfig/blockxpdrops.json)
  • Change the speed that crops grow under certain conditions: elevation and biome temperature (world/serverconfig/cropgrowthmodifiers.json)

Read the wiki for more information on the format of these config files. 

This mod only needs to be installed on the server but will not crash the client