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Filename SpartanWeaponry-1.16.5-2.2.0-rc-2.jar
Uploaded by ObliviousSpartan
Uploaded Mar 31, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
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[IMPORTANT] This version is considered to be the second Release Candidate for the full 2.2.0 release. As such, some bugs will most likely be found. Please let me know if you find any issues before I release 2.2.0 proper!

Additionally, addon mods will need to add their weapons to the respective tags for each weapon type (e.g. spartanweaponry:dagger, etc.)
This is especially important for Heavy Crossbows, because the tag is now used to detect the weapons to use the Bolt Quiver properly


  • Disabled debug features which were only intended for development anyway
  • Fixed a crash when registering model overrides from an addon mods DeferredRegister. A debug log message was expecting a registry name for the item and couldn't find one
  • Fixed a bug with Throwing Weapons not taking durability damage when attacking in melee
  • Fixed a bug with Throwing Weapons not reducing damage when melee attacking with no ammo


Changes in version 2.2.0 Release Candidate 1:


  • Added the Scythe as a new weapon! It can be used to harvest heads from certain mobs, some of which don't have heads in vanilla! See below
  • Added 11 new heads/skulls for the following mobs:
        - Blaze
        - Enderman
        - Spider
        - Cave Spider
        - Piglin
        - Zombified Piglin
        - Husk
        - Stray
        - Drowned
        - Illager (for Pillager, Vindicator, Illusioner and Evoker)
        - Witch
  •  Added the Parrying Dagger as a returning weapon from 1.12.2! It can be used to block melee attacks
  • Overhauled how Throwing Weapons work to allow them to have a stack and durability!
          - Lost ammo? No problem. You can replenish your precious ammo your enchanted Throwing Weapon by combining a fresh (or old) weapon of the same type in the Anvil
  • Added the following new Enchantments:

        - Supercharge - Reduces charging time with Throwing Weapons - Max Levels: 2

        - Expanse - Increases total ammo capacity for Throwing Weapons - Max Levels: 2 

        - Sharpshooter - Reduces aiming time with Crossbows - Max Levels: 2

  • Quivers can now pick up projectiles directly off the ground, rather than just being placed in the inventory, thanks to Mixins
  • Removed custom recipe generation classes; replaced with vanilla's data generators
  • Added data generators for Recipes (including conditional recipes and Tipped Projectile recipes), Models, Item Tags, Loot Tables, Loot Modifiers, Global Loot Modifiers, Sound Definitions and Advancements
            The mod now uses the generated assets/data from these generators
  • Added the ability for JEI to hide recipes depending on what is disabled
  • Dynamite is now affected by water drag
  • Fixed Throwing Weapon despawn behaviour not spawning the Throwing Weapon Item Stack on the ground
  • Tweaked the tooltips... again!
  • Added extra info to the handle, pole, Dynamite and all the Head tooltips
  • Added Longbow and Heavy Crossbow loot to the Village Fletcher chest instead of the Village Weaponsmith
  • Added new Advancements for the Scythe and the Parrying Dagger, as well as a head collection challenge
  • Added a new config option to forcibly show disabled items in JEI, even if they cannot be crafted
  • Updated translations from Crowdin
        - Added Mexican Spanish and Russian translations, courtesy of Luci0Art and DrHesperus respectively
        - All the translations are incomplete and require updating to the latest 2.2.0 translations. If you wish to contribute to these, find the translations here:
  • Fixed a bug which made the Quiver HUD prioritising showing Bolt Quivers when multiple Quivers are on the hotbar
  • Fixed the absence of triggering the Critical Hit event when weapons are used to attack, which is causing compatiblity issues with mods such as War Dance


API Changes:
  • API version changed to version 6
  • Added methods to create Scythes and Parrying Daggers
  • Added a new Weapon Property called "Backstab Damage Bonus". This property inflicts bonus damage based on if the target entity is facing away from the immediate entity (either the player in melee or the projectile when thrown)
  • Damage bonuses now only apply to direct damage from the player (this prevents summoned mounts from Lycanite's Mobs from benefitting from those bonuses)
  • Tweaked Extra Damage Weapon Properties, which can take into account natural armor before awarding the damage bonus. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled and tweaked to determine how much armor points is required before not awarding the damage bonus.
  • Two-Handed now also provides a damage reduction in addition to Mining Fatigue for the weapon used. Also configurable
  • QoL change: Particles will now emit from mobs when any Damage Bonus is inflicted. Positive damage bonuses emit magical crit particles, while negative damage bonuse emit smoke particles
  • Added DeferredRegister compatibility by supressing auto registration of the item's name using an extra method for each recipe creation method which accepts a new boolean parameter which if set to true will not set the registry name for the weapon.
  • Added a helper method in the WeaponMaterial class to automatically convert RGB values to the expected integer values the mod requires for material colours. This should make it a bit more human-friendly to use.
  • Added callbacks for use in Throwing Weapon Weapon Traits, which allow certain aspects of Throwing Weapons to be modified. The 'Heavy' Weapon Trait now implements this
  • Added data generator helper functions for use in addon data generators. Addon mods can now freely access Recipe, Item Tag and Model helper functions from the API now!

There is probably a *lot* of fixes that I've forgotten to add to this log. Sorry it took so long since the last 1.16.x release. Once the bugs are ironed out for this version, 1.18.2 will come next!

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