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Filename SpartanWeaponry-1.16.4-2.1.0-beta-3.jar
Uploaded by ObliviousSpartan
Uploaded Jan 10, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +4
Size 1.13 MB
Downloads 921,750
MD5 2f18772a039240a0aabadc1adbef074d
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


NOTE (24/01/21):

- This version is already compatible with Minecraft version 1.16.5, so I've changed the supported versions to reflect this. It should now show up in the CurseForge client now when making a 1.16.5 instance!



- Fix a null entity crash when a Creeper explodes and kills an entity, calling a LootingLevelEvent in the process. This was a result of a null DamageSource being passed into the event (fixes issues #150 and #155, for real this time)

- Fixes duping bugs with Boomerangs when being blocked behind a door (or Bamboo possibly), and spawning two items (fixes issue #156 hopefully)



- Added additional localizations for potion effects from Upgrade Aquatic, Autumnity, Potions Master & Eidolon. Also fixed localizations for Cyclic


Changes in version "2.1.0-beta-2":



- Added config options to disable Longbows and Heavy Crossbows. These weren't added before due to an oversight (fixes issue #151)

- Attempted to fix a null entity crash when a Creeper explodes and kills an entity, calling a LootingLevelEvent in the process (this *should've* fixed issues #150 and #155, but it didn't :/ )

- Villagers will no longer trade weapons disabled in the config (fixes issue #152)

- Adjusted how Weaponsmith and End City loot is injected in each type of chest. Each loot injection now require names to prevent conflicts with other mods (should fix issue #154)

- Added a teleportation time to all throwing weapons to hopefully prevent duping issues when going through portals (should fix issue #156)



- Added additional localizations for potion effects from Cyclic and Apotheosis

- Changed the mods.toml file to allow version 1.16.3 versions of Minecraft & Forge to run this mod. Just be aware, that this mod was built using 1.16.4 and there may be some bugs/crashes present that don't exist in the 1.16.4 version due to changes in either Minecraft or Forge.


Changes in version "2.1.0-beta-1":



- Netherite Weapons! Can be upgraded from their Diamond varieties using a Netherite Ingot in a Smithing Table

- A keybind is now available that allows the player to access the inventory of the Quiver while equipped in a Curios slot or on the hotbar.

- Villager trading for Weaponsmith and Fletchers!

    Weaponsmith: Iron melee weapons (Level 1 and 2), Diamond melee weapons (Level 3 and 4), Enchanted Diamond melee weapons (Level 5)

    Fletcher: Iron Longbow, Heavy Crossbow, and Bolts (Level 3) and Enchanted Diamond Longbow or Heavy Crossbow (Level 5)

- A new config option to disable spawning Zombies with certain weapons from this mod.

- Rendering Quivers on the players back is, well, back! You just need to equip them on the Back Curios slot for them to show up.


Quiver Tweaks:

There are quite a few quality-of-life tweaks made for Quivers.

- Quivers will now move the item in the off-hand slot to the nearest available empty slot in the players inventory when equipping an appropriate Bow or Heavy Crossbow. The item will then be moved back when the appropriate weapon is unequipped.

- The HUD will now show the first appropriate quiver that can be accessed at any time. It also shows the current button that you can use to access it's inventory. This element will be overridden when equipping a Bow or Heavy Crossbow with a different Quiver type that is different to the first one found.


There's probably more tweaks I've made that I've forgotten about.

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