Sounds Be Gone!

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Sounds Be Gone!

Inspired by my own Misophonia, this mod allows you to disable any sound in the game (vanilla, modded, etc) that you don't like.

It records the sounds you've heard over the past minute of gameplay and allows you to then mute them permanently.

This is a client-side-only mod.

Fabric only below 1.20. NeoForge version is available for 1.20.4+.


For Minecraft 1.20 and above:

When you hear something that you never want to hear again, press B and disable the sound(s) of your choice.

For Minecraft 1.19 and below:

If you hear something that triggers you, press ESC, click on MODS, select Sounds Be Gone, click on the settings icon on the top right hand corner and then disable the sound(s) of your choice.

Forge Support?

I've tried. I really gave it my all. Unfortunately the Forge environment is extremely toxic due to some of the forge developers. I make mods as a hobby. I've got no room in my life to be arguing with inflated egos all day. My mods will continue to support Fabric and NeoForge. If you care about your modders and their mental health, please help them by moving to either of these platforms.



> Using mmm? > > Run mmm add curseforge 874633 to install this mod.


> Using mmm? > > Run mmm add modrinth FOIvwGKz to install this mod.

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