4,997 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

Piles of snow, slowly increasing in size as flurries dance to the ground. Snowdrift is a simple mod that makes snowpiles appear while it snows; these piles disappear once the snow stops.

Snowdrift is a mod inspired by Winter Wonder Land, which added snow piles that would slowly accumulate across the world as it snowed.



  - increaseChancePerChunk: chance per chunk out of 1 for snow to increment at a random position every tick. Defaults to 200, which is around one attempt every 10 seconds. Lower values result in faster accumulation.

  - decreaseChancePerChunk: same as above, but for snow melting. Defaults to 400.

  - layersToKeep: number of snow layers to keep while melting snow. Defaults to 1; it's recommended to keep this above 1 so snow biomes don't go bare.

  - maxLayers: maximum number of snow layers that are allowed to accumulate at a single spot. 8 is a single block and is the default value.

  - smoothingRequirement: number of snow blocks around a given position that must be at least the same height in order for the center position to increment in height. 4 is max.



Snowdrift is licensed under MIT. You're free to use the code in the project as you need to.