This mod adds a frozen pig to minecraft. This pig is pretty similar to a normal pig and drops frozen porkchop that can be thawed into regular porkchop.

Fire aspect also thawes the frozen porkchop.

The Smoker turns frozen meat directly into the cooked variant

You can find the pig in all icy/snowy biomes.

A Pig turns into a Snow Pig when it is in Powder Snow for 300 ticks just like Skeletons turn into Strays in vanilla

When the Snow Pig is killed by a Stray or any other mob in the killer_for_snowpig_disc tag, it will drop a custom music disc with a Song made by Luz#8017

You can also listen to this song here:




Attention: The 1.12.2 & 1.15.2 version of this mod are not supported anymore! If anyone wants to backport this mod, please contact me on Discord: Uraneptus#5442 or on Twitter

 You can find the fabric version here!



It would help me a lot if you report bugs to me via the issues page


🎲 Optional Mod Compatibility:

- Farmer's Delight