Smaller Units

5,766 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

For 1.16:

1.16 SU is fully survival ready! (Recipes at the bottom of spoiler)


Do keep in mind, this will cause a lot of lag regardless of how you use it, so long as you are using it... my current, outdated approximation of when things will start going bad for the server is 184 unit tile entities.

Client side however, it'll start lagging a lot sooner (though maybe not anymore)

Almost perfectly compatible with Create, because reasons(?)


Most container blocks do work (all vanilla ones, excluding lectern), and this even includes chests from Iron Chests.

I am actively trying to get everything to work, so if something is broken, please do visit the issue tracker


I would recommend that you play with an entity resizing mod, such as ThreeCore, Shrink, Gullivern, or Pehkui.

If you have any of these mods installed, you can use shift+right click while holding a hammer of resizing to rescale yourself, and you can hit other entities with said hammers to rescale them.
I personally chose Pehkui.


Placement and breaking is done as you would expect.


Careful with large quantities of units, as your client will most likely not like it.


Crafting the resizing hammers:

Recipe for the su grower

Recipe for SU shrinkerCrafting the unit item:

Shrinking the unit item (shapeless):

Growing the unit item (shapeless):

You can also shrink blocks:



For 1.12/1.15:

This mod just adds small blocks that take up a fraction of a block. I struggled a lot with this one, and actually need help working this through. More specifically, a good way to simulate each tick in the small world.

This mod is a rewrite of the little blocks mod from back when Minecraft modding was simpler (I'm saying this without knowing, but the rendering method used in the original mod seems so much simpler to find than what I had to do.)

I did actually look at the code of little blocks, but I have no understanding of it, and a decent amount of the things it uses don't exist in 1.12+. 1.13 and later all had decent reworkings of the game, and almost the whole game's code changed afaik, thus not even the code from smaller units 1.12 would work. In other words, none of the code of this mod is from the original mod.


Differences in versions


  • With that being said, the rendering code came from the carry on mod.
  • Only semi-stable size from my testing is 1/2 scale, 1/16 almost freezes the game the instant it's placed.
    To place sizes other than the default, run the command "setblock ~ ~1 ~ smallunits:su 0 destroy {scale:[number]}" and the size will be 1/[number].



  • Renderer is fully made from custom code.
  • (I uh... didn't test this... and it's false)All sizes are stable client side, but they get laggier the more little blocks you place, and the server still has issues with them.
  • Placement and breaking actually works!
  • After placing a su block, make sure you run /data modify block ~ ~ ~ world set value "0,0,0,Block{minecraft:stone}"

I want to make this compatible with ALL mods. With the original little blocks, if you used pretty much literally any mod other than itself with vanilla and maybe Gulliver, it would crash.



If you're a programmer, and would like to try to help with developing this, or if you just want to talk about the mod go to this discord server: Luigi's mods

 I also post early access builds publicly on the discord server, so if you’re into access, buggy builds of mods, or just want to see what’s going on with updates to the mod, check that out


If you want this mod for Fabric, the closest thing I know of, is


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