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A Fabric mod that provides easy-usable scale boxes using Immersive Portals functionality. You can enter the scale box seamlessly without loading screen.


This mod is still in the early stage and not mature yet.

This mod requires Immersive Portals.

You can craft a scale box entrance using nether stars, a glass block and a dye. 1 nether star gives 8x scale box entrance, 2 nether stars gives 16x scale box entrance, 3 nether star gives 32x scale box entrance.

(The crafting recipe may be changed in the future.)

entrance craft.png

The actual scale box is in another dimension (mini_scaled:void). The scale boxes are discriminated by its color, size and owner.

The scale box entrance item is just an entrance and does not hold the actual scale box. If you lose the entrance item, you can craft another entrance with the same size, owner and name. If two entrances of one scale box are placed, one entrance will break.

You can put an scale box inside itself and create a fractal.

When you are standing on the top of a scale box, press shift to descend.

In creative mode you can get scale box entrances in the Miscellaneous tab

scale box misc tab.png

Note: The latest version works both in MC 1.17.1 and 1.18



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