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Slimier Slimes is a slimy mod, filled with lots of gooey goodness that will allow you to jiggle with these cutesy little friends.

Slimier Slimes adds a variety of things that will enrich vanilla MC gameplay with more slimestuff. An effort has been done to stay close to vanilla gameplay.

Patch 1.1.0: The Modpack Patch

In the latest big version, a lot of backend work has been done to support modpack makers in controlling the spawning and power of the slimes. Feel free to request more changes and data if wanted.

Players can also now encounter the Cloud Slime, added because the developer feels in heaven by the super positive feedback he's been getting.

By popular request, compatibility is made with Slimy Boyos. This compatibility will eventually be replaced by an even more powerful system. But for now, slimes can absorb those loose items!



There is a wide variety of slimes added by this mod.

The original slime has been completely rewritten to be properly supported. If any mod based itself on the OG slime, they will break. A config option is available to make the normal slime spawn again. Let the developers know, so we can determine if further change is needed.

A variety of new slimes have been added:

  • Creeper Slime
  • Camo Slime
  • Crystal Slime
  • Glow Slime
  • Rock Slime
  • Lava Slime
  • Pinky Slime
  • Snow Slime
  • Lava Slime
  • ...

Slime Spawning

Slimechunks have been fully removed. Instead a new structure will spawn underground that spawns all kinds of slimes.

The swamp has also been more slimified. You'll find all slimes spawning there, regardless of their normal spawning rules.

Lastly, the smallest slimes will become a more dangerous force as well, they might spawn in big numbers!

New Items

Slimes no longer drop slimeballs, but instead drop slime jelly. This jelly can be pressed into our well know slimeballs, but in all different colours!


Slime is now everywhere.

Underground, blocks will spawn that relate to jelly. Not only in the slimier structures, but just in general.

The old slime block has received friends in all colours, but every colour has its own impact. Parkour builders will be able to use these to create new challenges on their tracks. The other builders will have some new slimy colours at their disposal to make interesting constructions.


I am currently not fully satisfied with the colors. I intend to make minor modifications. Sadly, I am not a modeler / artist, which weakens my capabilities there. If you're interested to help, give me a message.

A config option is available to make the normal slime spawn again. This will fix most errors related to mod compatibility. Go into your serverconfig and set AllowVanillaSlime to true. Report such errors, such that a cleaner fix can be deployed asap, which will allow you to experience this mod as it is meant to be experienced.

Get in touch

All bugs can be reported on the github page:

Follow my stream for an insight on the person behind this mod:


Discussion can be had on my discord:

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