Overweight Farming

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📘: General Overview

Overweight Farming is a small mod that aims to improve and expand Minecraft's farming and tries to make farming more fun. The prime feature of this mod is the overweight crop which has a very small chance for a vanilla crop to grow into one of these. 


📦: The Straw Hat 



📦: Apeeling Update 



📦Compatibility/frens :D 


Overweight Onion and Overweight Cabbage from Farmer's Delight!


Overweight Garlic, Overweight Mandrake and Overweight Bloodroot for the Bewitchment!


Overweight Ginger for Snowy Spirit!


Overweight Kiwi from the Hedgehogs mod!



🔧 Team :

Texture Artists: Steam And Binome

Main Programmer: Orcinus

Fabric Porter: MrSterner 


📝 Notes:

If you want to give us any suggestions for new features or compatibility with your favorite mods. Join our discord server!


🧰 Modpack Designers:

You can put this mod in your modpack, but make sure to credit us! :)