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The Skeppy Mod


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This mod adds a variety of Skeppy related content based on the memes from the community and Skeppy's merch, with some features related to YouTuber friends BadBoyHalo and a6d.


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This mod REQUIRES the LATEST version of Forge for MC 1.12.2. Forge WILL NOT WORK.



Crafting Recipes: This mod contains a recipe for just about everything, so it'd be very difficult to fit all the recipes on this page. As such, I recommend using JEI to view recipes.

For screenshots of the content, check the Images/Screenshots tab on CurseForge (not available in Twitch client).

Here's a list of content with a brief explanation:

Display of all items



Block of 14: This block, when right clicked, will give a variety of questions where the answer is 14 in chat.

Skeppy Statue: It's a statue of Skeppy.

BadBoyHalo Statue: It's a statue of BadBoyHalo.

a6d Statue: It's a statue of a6d



Baguette: It can be eaten for food.

Muffin: It can also be eaten for food.

Mr. Squeegy in a Bucket: Used to spawn Mr. Squeegy.

Muffin on a Stick: A muffin on a stick used to guide Mr Squeegy.

Hoodies: Hoodies from Skeppy's merch store. Press H to toggle your hood, if that is not working you can change the keybind in the Controls options.

Other Wearable Merch: Show off your fancy merch!

Skeppy Water Bottle (Full/Empty): It can be filled with water and drunk from. If you drop it, you may turn into a VSCO girl temporarily.

Cheesy Fries: Edible McSkeppalds' Cheesy Fries. If you eat them, you will get an empty container. It does nothing.

Thin Crust Pizza: BadBoyHalo's least favorite type of pizza. You can eat it.

Pinecone: Can be used to plant a spruce tree. A 10% chance drop from spruce leaves, and it can also be crafted using spruce leaves and shears.

Dill Pickle Potato Chips: BadBoyHalo's favorite potato chip flavor. You can eat it and upon eating it you will receive an empty chip bag, which you can do with whatever you wish.

Japanese Symbol for Beginner: An item that when right clicked, will play "Japanese Symbol for Beginner", as best experienced in BadBoyHalo's streams.

Skeppy Flip Flops: These flip flops, when worn, will make your every step say "flip" and "flop" (in Skeppy's voice). Please note this effect is on your (client) side and for ALL players you hear. This means other players will NOT hear your steps as flip-flop when you wear the shoes near them, but you will hear your and their steps as flip-flop. If you are both wearing the flip flops, you will both hear each other as flip-flopping.

Spaghettios: These Skeppy brand Spaghettios can be eaten for enjoyment, and you will receive a nice can when you're done! Also, when you eat it, you'll get a fun comment from Skeppy.

Jif: It's Jif. Don't eat it unless you would corrupt yourself with such awful things.

Skeppy Face: It's Skeppy's face. As an item. Put it in a frame or something. Mainly used as a crafting component.



Mr. Squeegy: A ridable salmon named Mr Squeegy. When using a Muffin on a Stick, it can be guided in a direction. Attacking it will result in its anger, causing a beam to come out of it and strike you with lightning repeatedly. It will also say "uh oh spaghettio" in chat, however this chat can be disabled in the configuration.



Skeppy in a bucket, a6d in a bucket, BadBoyHalo in a bucket: Allows you to put players in a bucket. This will kill them instantly and leave a special message in chat, reading "Player was crammed into a bucket by Player2". This is able to be disabled in the config as it is HIGHLY overpowered and exists for comedic reasons.

"I was testing": Any time you die, Skeppy will say "I was testing" audibly at your death location, and you will hear it too. This is also able to be disabled in the configuration.

/f Command: This command, when run, will make every player on the server that is visible say "f" in chat. By default, op level 4 is required, but you can also configure this to be any level or 0, which means no op is required.




Where can I get help?

The best place to get help my Discord server. You can also feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.



To myself, for making the mod as well as coming up with some of the ideas, making the art, and programming!
To Skeppy, for the awesome content that inspires us all!

To BadBoyHalo, for being an amazing muffin.

To a6d, for being for being an epic baguette (and also probably being the most sane of the trio)

To everyone on the Skeppy twitter community, for helping with ideas and encouraging me as I made this mod.


More From The Developer

My website: https://itsmeow.dev/

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zrjXjP5