Simplex Terrain Generation

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What is Simplex Terrain Generation?

Simplex Terrain Generation is an alternative worldgen mod that creates breathtaking world generation that takes up the entire height. It uses height based biome placement to make biome transitions more organic. It's also heavily optimized to generate terrain as fast as possible. To use Simplex Terrain Generation, select the world type Simplex Terrain when making a new world. Server owners will want to put simplex as the level type in


When launching the game for the first time, you will get a new file in your config folder called simplexterrain.json. In that you will find a plethora of values to tweak your terrain generation. Play around with it and find what suits you best!
The config file is documented here!
Here are some really cool config presets for you to use!
Different noise algorithms that you can use are covered in detail here!
We also have many customization options to get totally new content! Check out Post Processors for various features that aren't in the vanilla terrain!
Make sure to visit the Noise Modifiers page for functions that change very the shape of the terrain itself!

Discord server

Join our Discord server to get the latest updates on what we're doing, to get help, or to simply talk about the cool worlds that you've made! If you'd like to help contribute, please contact us here.

Specific Implementation Details

Simplex Terrain Generation uses a heightmap made out of simplex noise, normalized to fit between 256 and 0. This heightmap is used to place the actual blocks and to place the biomes. The biomes are placed in 7 distinct "regions", to make the terrain more natural. Here's a list of them:

Y0 - Y29: All variants of deep ocean
Y30 - Y60: All variants of ocean
Y63 - Y66: Beach
From Y67 onwards, biome generation is split into 4 different regions based on height (Y67 - Y90, Y91 - Y140, Y141 - Y190, Y191 - Y256). The biomes can vary, but generally become colder as the height increases. If you would like to increase the amount of cold/hot biomes, a config for that will be available in 0.5.0. If you want to change the heights that these regions start at, take a look at the config!


Savanna generation:

A tall ridged mountain:

Curving river generation:

Snowy river delta:

Want Alpha builds?

If you want in-dev builds with exciting features before they come to curseforge, check out my Patreon! Supporting me via Patreon lets me spend more time modding, and allows me to put out more updates for everyone to enjoy!


This project is heavily in development. This means things can break and there will be bugs. A forge port will not be made of this mod (by me at least). If you want to port the mod yourself, go ahead!


SuperCoder79 - Author

Valoeghese - Help with world generation

Please make sure to put any questions or suggestions down below!


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