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SimpleAuth Mod

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Now supports Forge and Fabric!



Do you have a server that you want to protect from unwanted visitors without using whitelist? Or need an extra form of authentication for players?

This mod will come in handy then - it denies moving, destroying blocks etc. for players that aren't registered / logged in. It's possible to set a global password as well, check wiki for more details.


Make sure to download the right version, depending on your server being Fabric or Forge one!

(Fabric version only)



All options can be found in the config file.

  • Auto login players that have purchased Minecraft
  • Online UUIDs for online players
  • Disabled movement for de-authenticated players
  • Disabled block interactions
  • Inventory protection (item moving and dropping)
  • Sessions
  • Coordinate protection
  • Prevents "Logged in from another location"
  • And more (check wiki for details)



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