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Need to quickly change your skin without going to minecraft.net? Or do you want per world-specific skin in your singleplayer world / server?

Fabric Tailor

LGPLv3 License Working server-side Working in singleplayer

A server-side or singleplayer skin & cape changing / restoring mod. All with one simple command (on server): 


Or with keybind k (on client).


It supports skin fetching via player's name as well as via URL. If you use player name, cape is fetched as well (if player has one). Not fan of existing skins? No problem, mod supports uploading skin from local storage as well.

As a side feature, it also requests textures from ely.by and mojang to work like skin restorer for server / singleplayer.


If installed on client / singleplayer, you can use gui to set caoe as well! (If playing on server, it needs to use fabrictailor as well.)





If you don't like capes, you can also disable them (for everyone) in generated config.



Using Forge?

FabricTailor works with Connector mod (that you can install for forge, it will load fabrictailor then), you just need to use ForgifiedFabricApi. Happy skin forging!


Who sees what?

Scenario 0: only server has the mod

  • all players can see vanilla skins & capes
  • all players can set their skin from player's name, URL, upload it from server or custom source


Scenario 1: server & Steve have the mod, Alex doesn't

  • same as Scenario 0 +
    • Steve can upload skins from his PC
  • Steve can choose a HD skin or custom cape, but Alex won't see it


Scenario 2: server & players have the mod

  • same as Scenario 1, but capes & HD skins will be visible to everyone


Other info



Do you want to host a server and further support FabricTailor? You can do both when using ApexHosting.

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