Simple Tomb

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This is not a fork or port of an existing mod.  This is a completely different mod.  See Spoiler below or message me on twitter or discord for more information. See credits and open source information below.


to restore lost graves (only those spawned after 1.0.8 update)

/simpletomb list Lothrazar
  Print all player graves in chat for the admin
/simpletomb restore Lothrazar 0
  Place that selected grave 0 from the list back in the world, full of items
/simpletomb key Lothrazar 4

  Get a key for that selected grave 4
/simpletomb delete Lothrazar
  Delete graves for player

When you die, a tomb is spawned in the world with your items.  On respawn you get a key.

The key is not required to reclaim your tomb, but it will help you find the tomb. 

Sneak while standing on the tomb to reclaim items.

Your tomb cannot be opened by other players.

The tomb block will be a random design when spawned.

When within range, use the key to teleport to the grave by charging it like a bow. 

This mod does not add any blocks that the player can acquire in survival.

This does not add any potions, enchantments, crafting recipes, or magic systems.

Example 1.16+ config file: here


 Expand panel for more details on project history

 This is NOT a remake or replacement for Corails-tombstone. This has a new modid 'simpletomb' so it does not collide.  This is a fork my own code changes, most features removed, other features added.  All items removed except for the key, and the main feature is the gravestone spawning with the players item.  Key and gravestone work slightly differently now.  This mod is a miniature grave mod, but it is forked from corails tombstone and does depend on code and assets from it.  All license information is here.  This simple tombstone mod is also released under the same compatible LGPL v2.1 , after stating such changes as per the license.

The Tombstones mod has been historically closed source. The original author (Corail) has decided to leave the Minecraft community and has decided to open source the mod.




  • Corail31 - Author of the Corails Tombstone mod, (of which this mod relies on for some assets and source code under LGPL2.1 click here  )
  • Darkhax
  • Gegy1000
  • Barteks2X
  • Paul Fulham


If this project disappears from curseforge, i did not delete it of my own accord its just ANOTHER frivolous DMCA attack from you-know-who, author of you-know-what