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This mod has been created to add more foods to 1.8.9/1.9.  


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Coming to 1.2 : 

32 new crops

over 100 new food types

Wild plants to discover in the world, and in appropriate biomes.

Teaser from 28th April 2016 : More Foods Dev Update 1.2 28/4/16


More Food 1.2


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Currently this mod adds 3 new crop types. These are Onions, Tomato's and Lettuce.  You can obtain these by breaking tall grass much like you would to find wheat.  They are as rare as wheat to drop.


There are also some tools. They are :




Mixing Bowl,

Pestle and Mortar,




Improved Bread(s) :


To make bread more efficiently, first craft Dough by combining water, salt and flour in a mixing bowl. You can get the flour by putting the wheat into a pestle and mortar. Once you have Dough you have the option to either cook it to make Bread or divide it up into medium and small balls of dough to make bagette's and buns for other recipes.  


To make Burger Patties:

First take an uncooked beef steak and put it through the mincer.  Then using the Knife, form into patties and cook.  You can then combine these with buns and cheese to make Burgers and Cheese Burgers.


You can create bread more efficiently by first crafting dough and then cooking it but you can also craft bagette's, buns, pizza's and also foot longs, burgers and sandwiches.


There is a variety of Sandwiches, Dinners, Stews and a Cooked Breakfast if you want something more hearty!


 Passive mobs have been modified to drop more items.  A single cow should be able to keep you going for days and now it does.  


Any problems, you can now log them using the issue tracker on curseforge.  I'll address them as soon as i'm able to. Have fun! 


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