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This mod adds simple things that I feel Vanilla 1.8.9 is missing.


i have updated Images and Description to look better.



1. Lava Crystal - It is a lava block that when broken spawns a lava source.

2. Water Crystal - It is a Water Block that when broken spawns a water source.

3. Knife - Used to make bacon from pork chops.

4. Juicer - Used to make juices from fruits.

5. Hammer - used to make Chain Plates.

6. Chain Plates - used to make Chain Armour.

7. Growth Crystal - used just a like a sprinkler from 1.7.10, covers up to a 9x9 farm.

8. Lamp Block - made with a torch and glass.

9. Colored Lamps - made with a torch and any color of glass block.

10. Charcoal Block - can be made with 9 charcoal and can be uncrafted back into 9 charcoal.

11. Dead Reed - is a decoration block. there is no recipe for it.

12. Wooden bucket - can only be used with water.

13. Andesite, Diorite and Granite tools and weapons.

14. Scrap Metals - when uncrafting horse armor you get scrap metals which can be turn back into ingots in furnace.

15. Diamond tipped hammer - used to make crushed obsidian

16. Rotten Leather - crafted with rotten flesh and cooked to make leather.


1. Name Tag - can now be crafted.

2.Leather - can now be crafted.

3. saddle - can now be crafted.

4. Horse Armour - can now be crafted.

5. Cobweb - can now be crafted.

6. Sponge - can now be crafted.

7. Ice - can now be crafted.

8. Packed Ice - can now be crafted.

9. Chest x4 - can now be crafted with logs.

10. Real stone tools - must use stone instead of cobblestone to craft weapons and tools.

11. Uncraft horse armor - use the hammer to uncraft.


1. Bacon - Made from knife and pork chop.

2. Cooked Bacon - Made by cooking Bacon in a furnace.

3. Monster Jerky - Made by cooking Rotten Flesh in a furnace.

4. Toast - Made by cooking bread in a furnace.

5. Fried Egg - Made by cooking a egg in a furnace.

6. Cook Mushrooms - Both brown and red mushrooms can be cooked in a furnace.

7. Bacon and Eggs - made with a Fried egg, cooked bacon and a plate.

8. Apple Juice - made with a juicer, apple and a glass bottle.

9. Carrot Juice - made with a juicer, carrots and a glass bottle.

10. Cactus Juice - made with a juicer, cactus and a glass bottle.

11. Watermelon juice

12. Slim Juice

13. new bread recipe.

You can also turn off almost all features of SimpleAddons in the config. You can also adjust the Charcoal block burn time.


This mod is growing day by day. If you have anything you think would be a great add to the mod please let me know.


Pictures can be found HERE


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