Silk Spawners Modded Edition

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Credits: elix_x , choonster,ocelot

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Silk Spawners

Silkspawners is a mod that drops and places spawners. It works with custom data spawners, jockies ,multi index spawners, custom pos spawners, and even modded spawners that are instanceof TileEntityMobSpanwer. It adds tooltips on info and specifies the top mob on the jockey spawner for the name. 

IItemRenderer Reborn

Addons/Enhancer Mods:
Dungeon Tweaks(Config Dungeon Mobs)


CustomPosSpawner: Makes it store offset tags for later repositioning of custom pos spawner

MultiSpawnerCurrentIndex: If true saves the current index in spawndata on a multi index spawner else it just saves the first index and overrides spawnpotentials so they can stack. False is the default

SpawnerSaveDelay: Save the delay of spawners. Warning it will make all spawners not stack unless it's the same tick delay. My mod will be default whether rule is true/false if delay > max will store it anyways


Q:Does the Client need this to work
A: No but, it does patch some client errors and gives tooltips for clients

Q:Can I Distribute Modpacks/File Mirroring/Fork/Modification
A: Check the license on this curseforge page

Q: What the heck happened to the configurations
A: They are all gone and going to be re-written into this format a proper definition format

Q: Why is my Multi Index Spawner Always Dropping the first Index In Spawnpotentials
A: It's so multi index spawners can stack but, if you don't like it change the gamerule "MultiSpawnerCurrentIndex" to true. This also prevents a vanilla bug by setting the gamerule to true

: What happened to all your forge egg/spawners and spawners dropping eggs
A: The re-write is server utility so no new items and won't drop vanilla eggs since it's going to be on the silkspawners eggs addon because, what if the mob doesn't' have vanilla egg then it needs to drop modded

Q: what addons are there going to be 
A: Dungeon Tweaks(Done),
Eggs(combining/forge) as mentioned above along with more eggs spoilers  
Spawners(redstone ignores spawn boolean,upgrade kits,random entity spawners,multiple mobs at one index spawner, spawners if chunk is loaded doesn't require the player)
A2: The community is free to make addons interfaces and custom forge events will be in xml 2.0 so addons will be easy as using a forge event

Q: What happened to the mounting update
A: It's getting merged with xml 2.0 and the egg addon. There will be egg combiners a new enchantment, custom egg definitions and yes the golden/ender eggs will be there

Q: So this is great but, what good is it if I can't have other spawners like creepers in dungeons
A: Dungeon Tweaks got removed from mc 1.12.2+ and is it's own utility mod found here


Custom Pos Spawner &ToolTips

Archived Forum For Older Editions:

For Forge Eggs, Anvil Recipes check out:

Silk spawners is a mod that makes any mob spawners in game drop. It doesn't Requires NEI mod and code chicken core but is recommended. This mod contains a config file that you can adjust the minimal harvest level to what harvest level is needed to drop the spawners. There is also a config option to make a golden pickaxe with silk touch always harvestable regardless of what harvest level is needed for the minimum harvest level of the mob spawner. You can Currently Config the spawners to specified enchantment , disable enchantments or have multiple specified enchantments. This mod will be eventually fully be updated to 1.1.02 (forge has some bugs not reading the offhand).


Note on 1.0+ re-write for MC 1.12.2:
it's a server side utility mod no dungeon tweaks no configurations denies block breaking if no silktouch, if it's not pickaxe or if tool harvest level < block harvest level. No configurations/dungeon tweaks will be violable till xml 2.0 version.

Supported Mods

  • 1.7.10
  • DivineRpg
  • AOA
  • NEI
  • Draconic Evolution
  • Ender Io
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion
  • Aether
  • Any spawner configuration that you code in silk spanwers
  • 1.8.9
  • Journey Into The Light

Recommended Mods

CodeChicken Core and Not Enough Items Can be Found Here




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