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This is a serverside mod intended to provide a Vanilla+ experience. It will not do anything for singleplayer, only install for servers. Originally intended for a Vanilla private server. It may have incompatibility issues with other mods; please report any issues on GitHub.


MySQL is no longer required for base functionality past version 1.1 (Required for block logging)


For use with Fabric and Fabric API.


Mod Features:

- Chunk protections

   - Protection over blocks, tamed animals, containers, crops, item pickup, and pvp

   - Chunk based protection of enderman or creeper griefing

   - Player towns

   - Players can customize permissions, and add friends to their chunks

   - Limit max claims and allow players to buy more using in-game economy

   - Fluids will follow chunk permissions when moving

   - Pistons cannot push, pull, or move through a claimed area

   - Hoppers cannot push or pull out of a claimed area

   - Raids cannot be started without build permissions

- Block logging

   - Blocks that are placed or broken are logged; Including usage of flint & steel, farmland, etc

- Shop signs

   - Player economy w/ money

   - Admin signs for buying/selling infinite items

   - Player signs for buying/selling items from chests

   - Award players money for logging in daily

- Backpacks

   - Players can buy backpacks from server shop signs

   - Can be accessed using the "/backpack" command

   - Comes in varying sizes

- Guide books

   - JSON file for creating custom books that can be given out from sign interaction

   - Default guide JSON can be found on GitHub

   - Includes a JSON Schema file for easier creation

- Death chests

   - Entity based death chest for recovering items after death

   - Death location shows players head and held items

   - Interacting or running into the death chest will collect the items

   - When collecting, armor will automatically be re-equipped

- Silk Touch Mob Spawners

   - Config option to allow players to silk touch mob spawners

   - Silk touching a mob spawner causes great damage to the pickaxe

   - Holding the mob spawner in the offhand and killing a mob has a chance of adding that mob to the spawner

   - "/spawner" command for spawning in custom spawners

- Restricted bosses

   - An enforced number of players required to be in the end for the dragon to spawn

   - Localized Wither/Dragon sounds, no longer hear the death screeches worldwide!

- Player waystones

   - Players can travel between spawn and their far away homes!

   - /tpa <player> command for teleporting to player waystones

   - Pets (Not sitting) and lead animals will follow a player through

   - Players can have multiple, and can be named

- Formatted chat

   - No more default chat format, now with more colors and information!

   - Separate chats (Local, Town, and Global)

- Player nicknames

   - Allow players to customize their name

   - Nicknames can use colors and color gradients

- Item frame transfer

   - Add/remove items from barrels or chests by placing an item frame and interacting with it

   - Punch the item frame to receive items (Shift to get a stack)

   - Right click the item frame to store items (Shift to store a stack)

   - Sneak and Hit with a tool to interact with the frame normally

- Building Tools

   - Doors, Pillars, Logs, Chests, Furnaces, Stairs, Torches, and Signs can now be rotated by interacting with them with a stick

- Commands

   - Shortcut gamemode commands: /gms /gmc /gma /gmsp

   - /spawn command

   - /stat command to show off statistics, in chat, normally only displayable in the Statistics Menu

   - /hand /offhand /head /chest /legs /feet command to share the held or worn items (including enchantments) to chat

   - /mods command to list any mods that are installed on the server

   - Survival cheat command: /fly /god /heal /repair

- Configuration server MOTD

   - Customize how your server shows up in the list.

   - Add colors, variables, and randomizations

- Translations

   - Although the mod is server-side, it implements translations when sending data to players

   - Supported languages: English, Pirate

- "Fun" optional settings

   - Death messages will now include the world time that the player died on (On day 5 of year 3, ...)

   - Skeletons now have a limited number of arrows, based on difficulty, and will switch to a sword after running out

   - Wandering Traders can be forced to spawn in specific locations (Such as only at spawn)

   - Falling into the void of The End will lead players into the sky of the Overworld

   - Remove endermen from the Nether (They don't belong!)

   - Campfires will now extinguish when exposed to rain

   - A chance of rain starting to fall while players are asleep

   - Gunpowder causes mini-explosions when thrown into lava

   - Wooden double doors will open together

   - Infinite Lava pools in the Nether

- Vanilla Improvements

   - XP orbs will clump together

   - "/time" command will set time to nearest day, instead of returning to day 0

   - Totem of Undying can be carried anywhere in the inventory

   - Improved wandering traders inventory; carries Spawn Eggs, Music Discs, and other oddities

- Anti-Cheat

   - Server will reject books based on byte-size instead of character size, to prevent chunk duping glitch


Upcoming Features:

- More languages

- Singleplayer support

- Rentable chunks/areas within towns

- Client mod detection

- Ore obfuscation

- Add a warp cooldown

- Change Dragon drops

- SQLite Support


Death "Chests":

Death chest preview