Piglin Tweaks Mod

1,151 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

For use with Fabric


This mod is simply designed to act as some QoL (Quality of Life) changes the 1.16, the Nether, and how Piglins behave by default. It makes some changes to game behavior, fixes some "bugs", and has a lot more potential. It was made in a day as a fun side project.


Can be installed on Client or Server. Not required on the client if installed on a server.


The major changes:

- Angry Piglins will show a particle effect similarly to angry Villagers


- Piglins will no longer become angered if you open a chest that you placed.

Existing chests will need to be replaced, or modified with an NBT tag (/data merge block <X> <Y> <Z> {playerPlaced:1b})


- When trading Gold Ingots to Piglins, or throwing Gold blocks at them, they will store it to craft armor with.

Piglins will first craft themselves a full set of armor, and then start giving out extra armor pieces to nearby Piglins and even Brutes! Be careful when giving out your gold, it could have consequences!


The side effect "bug fix" changes:

- Items given to Piglins that have "Curse of Binding" will no longer drop when killing the piglin


The possible future implementations:

- Breaking or placing blocks around a piglin bastion will cause all piglins in the area to become hostile


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