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ServerTools-PERMISSION is an add-on for ServerTools-CORE that adds more fine grained permissions to your Minecraft server. ServerTools-PERMISSION completely replaces the vanilla OPs system with its own group based system.


ServerTools-PERMISSION is open source and can be found on the Github page HERE.

For more detailed information check out the wiki HERE.



Permissions are defined on a group based system. Players can be a member of one or more groups, and each group has it's own set of permissions. Groups can also have a parent group, where all permissions the parent group has will also apply to the child group. This allows you to build a hierarchy of groups.



Bob is a member of the Moderators group. The Moderators group has the permisison: cmd.kick

Tim is a member of the Admins group. The Admins group has the permissions: cmd.op and cmd.ban

The Admins group has the Moderators group  listed as a parent.

Bob is only able to execute the following command: /kick

Tim is able to execute all of the following commands: /kick /op /ban

You can see that the permission needed to execute a command is: cmd.<Command Name>. Permissions may be expanded in the future to control non-command based things.


The first time ServerTools-PERMISSION is ran, it creates three default groups: Admin, Moderator, and Player. It will scan through the registered commands and do its best guess at deciding what group they belong in. You should review these assignments and make changes as nececcary.


ServerTools-PERMISSION is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0