Sculk Transporting


This mod reached 2nd place in the Forge Jam 2022!



Sculk Transporting allows the transportation of items via sculk signals. To get started, you'll want to find a Deep Dark biome, and get some Sculk blocks, Sculk Sensors, and Sculk Veins, alongside some deepslate. Every sculk transporting system has three must-have components: The Sculk Barrel, Sculk Emitter, and Sculk Receiver

The Sculk Barrel is needed as an input for every sculk transporting system. Placing a Sculk Emitter on top of it, allows the emitter to take items from the barrel below, and store them until it finds a Sculk Receiver or Sculk Transmitter. The maximum radius that these blocks can be placed around the emitter is 8. Anything further, and a Sculk Transmitter is needed inbetween to relay the signal. The Sculk Receiver will automatically deposit items to any container that is placed below. The Sculk Transmitter works similar to a vanilla repeater, allowing items to be transported over long distances. If there are multiple sculk transporting blocks nearby that should not interact with each other, wool can be placed to block the signals from going through, just like with vanilla sculk sensors.


A Sculk Emitter on top of a Sculk Barrel, having already extracted one raw iron, waiting to be able to transport it further.

A Sculk Receiver receiving an item from the emitter off the screen on the right, and then depositing it into the barrel below.



Additionally to relaying a signal, a Sculk Transmitter can filter items. If it is right-clicked with an item, it will only allow this item to pass through. This can be inverted by right-clicking the transmitter with an empty hand, resulting in the emitter allowing every item through, except for the the one that it is displaying on its side.

A complete sculk transporting system for separating poisonous potatoes from normal potatoes.



The Sculk Emitter and Sculk Receiver can also be modified with Speed Modifiers. They allow the blocks to transmit items faster than can be seen in the above image. There are 4 speed modifier tiers, with increasingly added speed. Additionally to the Speed Modifier, the Sculk Emitter can also take a Quantity Modifier, allowing it to take more items at once out of the Sculk Barrel below. Do note, that Sculk Transmitters cannot be modified, and as such may pose a bottleneck to your sculk transporting system. This can be remedied by doubling up on transmitters, feeding to two receivers at the same location.

A fully modified Sculk Emitter (left) and Sculk Receiver (right).


Ingame Guide

It is highly recommended that you install Patchouli. The Sculk Transporting book can be crafted with a book and a sculk block, and provides more detailed explanations and insights into the mod, as well as a look at the recipes.