[SBM] Magic Mirror

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This mod was suggested by Kodos on Discord as a way to quickly exit dungeons and caves. When a user has a magic mirror in their inventory it will start recording location data. After 1 min of time above ground it will charge up and start working. Once charged it will record the first location when a user exits above ground. Five seconds after not returning to the surface the mirror will mark a teleport location. With a location marked the user can activate the mirror for a few seconds to teleport back to the location.



I will be making a much nicer version later but here is a quick tut



# How long in ticks the user has to wait before teleporting [range: -1 ~ 1200, default: 100]
I:Activation_Time=100 this is in ticks, 20 ticks per second


# Should mirrors be found inside of dungeons as loot [default: true]
B:EnableAsDungeonLoot=true right now this is the only way to get items short of using recipe editors


# Sets the max distance for the mirror to continue to save and allow teleportion [range: -1 ~ 9999999, default: 200]
I:Max_Teleport_Distance=200 measure in x/z coord plan, y is ignored, set to -1 to ignore range check


How to get the mirror 

The mirror can be found in dungeon loot. If you wish for it to be craftable install a mod that allows adding recipes.  

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