[SBM] Infinite Falling



Infinite Falling adds a single enchantment to the game. This enchantment works to cause the player to bounce to max y level when impacting the ground. Causing said player to fall back to the ground only to bounce back up again. If there is no clear space above the player's head they will smack into the ceiling.... over and over again.


Why make this mod? We did it to troll a single user by adding it to their boots without them knowing. With their only option to remove the boots to stop falling.  


Single Block Mod

The Single Block Mod series is dedicated to creating a wide range of simple single purpose mods. Focusing for most on having one block/unit of content refined to offer as many options and choices as possible. This makes many of the mods in the series perfect for filling gaps in modpacks. Allowing pack developers to reduce the need to include larger mods to complete a feature list. 


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Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zrjXjP5


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