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[SBM] Fluid Gun

for Minecraft Forge


What is this mod?

This mod adds fluid guns that can pick up and shoot out liquid from a distance, while also being highly customizable and adaptable.


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Can you explain in more detail?

Sure! Here's a basic rundown of all the features!

  • Multiple guns with different ranges and capacities (as well as a creative mode gun)
  • 3D Model with texture for each type
  • Full configuration of range and max contents (in buckets)
  • Works with mods that support Fluids (See TF's Fluid Transposer)
  • Works with all Forge liquids (Enderium, Lava, Water, etc)
  • Fleshed out recipes with upgrade recipes
  • Liquid particle effects when shooting and picking up liquids
  • Limit action with Alt+Scroll Wheel, allowing only shooting/pickup or both
  • Support for claiming systems
  • In-game configuration updating
  • Ender/Remote fluid gun, links to any fluid handler

And for those who want a technical rundown:

  • Multiple guns with different ranges and capacities (as well as a creative gun)
  • Full configuration of range and max content (buckets)
  • Full FluidHandler capability support (Works with Fluid Transposer, etc)
  • Works with all properly created Forge liquids (Enderium, Lava, Water, etc)
  • Default recipes with upgrade recipes and NBT clearing recipes
  • Liquid particle effects when shooting and sucking liquids
  • Network sync of particles
  • Alt+Scroll control over modes (Available: Both, In-Only, Out-Only)
  • NBT Saving of fluid and settings
  • Support for claiming systems (WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, ClaimIt, etc) (Contact me if this is not working)
  • In-game configuration via Mod Options
  • Real-time config disk sync
  • 3D JSON Item Model with unique textures for each type (Made with Blockbench)
  • Ender/Remote fluid gun, links to any fluid capability (tanks, fluid transposer, etc)

What in the world does SBM stand for?

Single Block Mods are a style of mod first established by BuiltBroken modding (see their website) that focuses on small mods with good content. Here's how they describe it:

The Single Block Mod series is dedicated to creating a wide range of simple single purpose mods. Focusing for most on having one block/unit of content refined to offer as many options and choices as possible. This makes many of the mods in the series perfect for filling gaps in modpacks. Allowing pack developers to reduce the need to include larger mods to complete a feature list. 

I do have permission to use the SBM name from QueenOfMissiles herself.


Base Recipes

Fluid Gun (Default Capacity 5, Range 30):

 Large Fluid Gun (Default Capacity 10, Range 50):

Giant Fluid Gun (Default Capacity 25, Range 80):


Ender Fluid Gun (Default Range 50, links to fluid handlers for capacity):

Ender Fluid Gun Recipe

Upgrade Recipes

Fluid Gun to Large Fluid Gun:

Large Fluid Gun to Giant Fluid Gun:


You can also craft any item in the table alone to reset NBT data (empty it). This will destroy stored fluids and reset your mode.

Contact Info, Help, Discussion, and Suggestions

Join my support and discussion Discord: https://discord.gg/zrjXjP5, or leave a comment!

Bug Reporting

If you find a bug or experience a crash, or even have a feature to suggest either hit Issues above or click here!

Thanks for viewing and/or downloading!

 Credits: its_meow (myself) for creation of mod, programming, art, management
Thanks to Lykrast for fr_fr.lang (French translation)

My website: https://itsmeow.dev/

Discord: https://discord.gg/zrjXjP5