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Made for MMD's SpokyJam 2018!


Adds a sanity mechanic that players will need to keep up. Killing passive mobs and eating bad food (like rotten flesh) will lower the player's sanity. Sleeping and eating good foods (like pumpkin pie) will increase the player's sanity. If a player's sanity is low, they may experience some consequences.



1. Ghost Zombie

Ghost zombies spawn when a player has low sanity and that player becomes the zombie's target. After a few seconds, or, after being in light, ghost zombies will vanish. They will also vanish if they lose their target. If a ghost zombie is killed, they will drop specter goo. 

2. Light Seekers

Light seekers are creatures made of smoke, at least in the living realm. They assist ghost zombies by going after light sources near a player of low sanity. They make a great deal of noise and so are easy to notice. If they get to the light source, the light source breaks and the light seeker vanishes. Standing on/near or destroying their target light source will kill them but they do not seem to drop anything.

3. Staring Eyes

Although harmless, they can cause an uneasy feeling. Having low sanity can cause invisible creatures with glowing eyes to stare. They only stay in pure darkness and approaching them will cause them to leave. The lower the sanity, the more often they will appear as a reminder to worry about sanity.




This mod was heavily inspired by Don't Starve's sanity mechanic.


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