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Customizable Sandwiches in Minecraft!


This is a Fabric Mod. Installing Fabric is easy, just download and install the Fabric Loader and put your mods in the .minecraft/mods folder. Launch from the vanilla launcher.

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  • Meal API - Make sandwiches fill past the vanilla food bar's limits!
  • Nourish - Sandwichable foods are part of a nutritionally balanced diet!
  • Croptopia - Make use of more crops and foods, which work with Sandwichable's recipes!
  • SimpleHarvest - Right-click harvest Sandwichable crops! (Must be configured manually in SimpleHarvest config, Sandwichable's harvest:seeds tag comes preconfigured)
  • Roughly Enough Items / REI - View all of Sandwichable's recipes, including those for the toaster and cutting board!


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Forge? 1.12 - 1.15?

Reasons? It would be a lot of work to rewrite the entire mod for another platform/version, and I don't personally enjoy Forge as a development platform.

Quick Start Guide

Sandwichable Blocks

You can see how to use the various blocks and items of Sandwichable by holding Shift while hovering over items to see the extended tooltips. Works great with REI.

Making a Sandwich

1. Craft a Sandwich Table.
2. Gather some Bread. You may slice it up on a Cutting Board, and even toast it in a Redstone Toaster.
3. Find some ingredients for your sandwich. If you can, slice them up so they can restore more overall hunger.
4. Place (Right-Click) your Bread on the Sandwich Table, and stack your ingredients on top. Make the sandwich as tall as you want! Top it off with one last piece of Bread.
5. With an empty hand, sneak and right-click on the Sandwich Table. A completed Sandwich will pop right off!
6. You can place your **Sandwich** by sneaking, or eat it whole. If you have Meal API installed, your Sandwich may fill past your hunger bar's limit!


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