Ruined Equipment

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Ruined Equipment

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Grieving equipment owner? With this mod installed, Tools and Armors break into Ruined forms (for players). The Ruined equipment can then be repaired in either a Crafting Grid or Anvil, upgraded by "Empowering" it with a Netherite Scrap or, if you're like me, kept as a keepsake. May you never forget your fallen tools and armors & the adventures you had with them.


  • Ruined varieties of the following Items:
    • All vanilla Tools/Swords
    • All vanilla Armors (including Turtle Shell)
    • Shields
    • Misc: Shears, Flint & Steel, Bow, Crossbow, Trident, Fishing Rod
  • Tools & Armors will become "Ruined" when their durability reaches 0 (and you hear the break sound).
  • Ruined equipment keeps it's name, enchantments (although the enchantments no longer functionally do anything), dyes (if leather armor), and banner pattern (if shield).
  • You have 4 choices when you receive a Ruined item.
    1. 1. Keep it as a keepsake, remember it always.
    2. 2. Combine the Ruined item with either another Ruined item of the same type or the corresponding non-Ruined item in a Crafting Grid in order to repair the item, but lose all other features (name, enchantments, etc).
    3. 3. Repair the Ruined item using an Anvil with either it's corresponding repair material or the corresponding non-Ruined item. This will apply all features (name, enchantments, etc) to the resulting Item.
    4. 4. Make your Ruined item "Empowered" by combining it with a Netherite Scrap in a Smithing Table. Now, when you repair the item at an Anvil, all the existing Enchantments will become max value.
  • Ruined items with Mending are repairable when held in hands while collecting experience
  • Config support for enabling/disabling: Setting Ruined items in-hand, Crafting Table Ruined item repair, Anvil Ruined item repair, Ruined Mending repair, & Smithing Table "Empowering" feature.


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Place them in Gravesites


A plain Ruined Diamond Pickaxe


A Ruined Diamond Pickaxe with a custom name & enchantments


Repairing a Ruined Diamond Pickaxe in Anvil #1


Repairing a Ruined Diamond Pickaxe in Anvil #2


Repairing Ruined items using Crafting Grid


Shield with Banner pattern being repaired


Empowering a Ruined Diamond Sword


Repairing an Empowered item in an Anvil


All Enchants become max level


All the Items


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