RPG Gods

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Introducing RPG Gods, a powerful, flexible way to add ancient mythology to Minecraft!

This mod is based on the Gods and Favor systems in the Greek Fantasy mod, but with much more!


  • Customizable statues
  • Random gifts from the gods
  • The ability to tame any (yes any) creature!
  • The ability to scare monsters into becoming passive or even running away
  • Random effects (or extra damage) when you shoot an arrow
  • Potion effects when you begin a fight
  • Various creatures that are summoned by the gods, either to help or hurt you
  • Trade discounts with villagers
  • Bonus offspring from breeding
  • Bonus XP from XP orbs
  • Improved harvests from crops
  • ... and more!



On its own, RPG Gods does very little. It allows modpack creators to fully define any worship system using data packs and resource packs. The following packs can be used as-is, or customized for a fuller experience.

Greek Mythology

Norse (WIP)

Egyptian (WIP)

Have ideas for Norse or Egyptian gods using this mod? Leave a comment below!

For information about making your own pack (or customizing the provided ones) use the wiki :D



 Altars can be used to give offerings to gods and goddesses, or simply placed as decoration! 

Want a statue to hold something for you? Done. Want to give it a name so it uses your friend's skin? Done. Fast, powerful, and full of possibilities!



The gods will reward or punish you according to your favor. Think of it like experience levels, but with ancient and powerful gods.

You gain favor with each god by giving offerings or killing creatures. As you gain favor, you unlock special blessings from the gods! Be careful, because having low favor with a god may not turn out well for you...

All of the information you need to know about favor can be viewed by crafting a scroll (or clicking on an altar)

Open the scroll to see your favor levels, offerings, sacrifices, and perks that you can unlock with high favor!


Offerings and Sacrifices

You can offer items to a deity to gain favor or receive special items.

To give an offering:

  • Hold the item in your main hand
  • Right click on the altar to the god or goddess

You can also kill some creatures to gain (or lose) favor

Use the favor scroll to see what offerings and sacrifices you can do



These are special blessings (or curses) from the gods that unlock as you gain (or lose) favor. Use the favor scroll to find out more!

This took me so many hours to make...


Some things to remember:

  • Favor can only be used if you have a data pack! Remember to download the resource pack as well!
  • You lose a small amount of favor each day. If you have negative favor, you slowly return to level 0
  • Many creatures are considered sacred and killing them will cause you to lose a small amount of favor. Read the favor scroll carefully!



Q: Forge or Fabric?
A: Forge only. Sorry.

Q: Can I use the mod in a modpack?
A: Yes! If at all possible, please link to the CurseForge page instead of redistributing the mod.

Q: Do you have a Discord?
A: You can find me on the MMD server in the #skyjay-mods channel (under "Community Mods")

Q: Can I request a feature?
A: Please do! Your suggestions can be very helpful. You can leave a comment here or on Discord

Q: Will you port the mod to any other versions?
A: Possibly. This mod is currently only available for 1.16.5. I plan to update to 1.18 Soon™




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