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Rotten Creatures

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Rotten Creatures is a mod created by RPorotos and developed by Fusion Studio dedicated to adding many new zombie mobs with lots of personality!

(Fabric versions of the mod require the Fabric API for their respective game versions)



Cold Banner

Cold Images

- When a Zombie dies in powder snow it may turn into a Frostbitten, the chance of this depends on the difficulty
- Currently spawn at Cold Biomes
- While attacking, it will apply Freeze to the target, the duration depends on the difficulty
- When walking on water it will set it on ice, similar to the Frost Walker Enchantment
- On Baby's death, it will create a snow explosion and apply Freeze to any nearby entities
- Will attack any Burneds on sight

- Drops Frozen Rotten Flesh
- Dropped by Frostbittens
- Can be cooked to get Rotten Flesh
- When eaten, there's a 80% chance to apply Freeze to the user
- Can be used to brew the Freeze Effect
- When applied to an entity, it will apply a buffed slowness that may even paralize the user
- Frozen entities will lose the ability of jumping
- Frozen entities will also shake and receive Frozen Hearts along with a Frozen Screen
- Can be created into potions and tipped arrows

Unsoul Miner Banner

Unsoul Miner Images

There is 4 variants of Undead Miner: Rank C (Stone Pickaxe), Rank B (Iron Pickaxe), Rank A (Diamond Pickaxe) and Rank M (Golden Pickaxe).

 - Will spawn underground at any overworld biomes and below sea level
- Similar to skeletons, they will restrict sun
- There aren't and will not be any baby variants for this mob, you monster.
- Has four different ranks: Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold
+ Stone is the most common variant
+ Iron is an uncommon variant
+ Diamond is the rarest variant
+ Gold will replace any Stone variants at Mesa biomes
- Each variant can be identified by their pickaxes and have an unique loot

Marshied Banner

Marshied Images- Currently spawns at Swamp Biomes
- Will leap towards the target when attacking
- On attack, it will have different behaviors:
+ If adult, it will apply blindness and poison, the duration depends on the difficulty
+ If baby, it will explode and spawn a lingering cloud of poison
- While on water, it will receive a movement speed boost
- On death, it has a 50% chance to spawn a lingering cloud of poison

Burned Banner

Burned Images

- When a Zombie dies in lava it may turn into a Burned, the chance of this depends on the difficulty
- Currently only spawns at nether wastes
- Has three different variants: Normal, Crazy and Obsidian
- While attacking it will set the target on fire, the duration will depend on the difficulty
- Will attack any Frostbittens on sight

- Drops Magma Rotten Flesh
+ When low health, it will turn into the Crazy Variant
+ Will emit lava particles while in this state, Crazy Obsidian Variant will emit obsidian tear particles
+ When Crazy, it increases it's attack damage, knockback resistance and moving speed
+ There's a 0.5% chance for a Crazy Variant to spawn naturally
+ When in contact with water, it will turn into the Obsidian variant (excluding rain and splash potions)
+ When in contact with lava, it will reignite
+ When Obsidian, it becomes immune to projectiles and gains resistance to fall damage
+ When Obsidian, it increases it's attack damage and knockback resistance, however it becomes slower

- Dropped by Burneds
- Can be used as Furnace fuel, however it requires three of these to cook a single item
- When eaten, there's a 50% chance to apply Fire Resistance to the user, but there's also a 50% chance to set the entity on Fire

Rotten Eskimo Banner

Rotten Eskimo Images

Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Leather, 1-2 Raw Cod or 1 Cooked Cod.


Spawn: Rare chance to spawn in Snow Biomes. His wolf has 50% chance to spawn near him. His variant with a Spear has 40% chance to appear.

Extra Info:

- He applies Slowness II when he hits a player. (effect duration depends on difficulty)

- If you punch it, he has a chance to drop a Raw Cod. Every hit counts, even with other things.

Glacial Hunter with a Spear has more range attack and applies knockback. However, he doesn't have slowness effect.

Mummy Banner


Mummy Images

Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1-2 Paper, 2-4 golden nuggets or 1 golden_ingot.


Spawn: Rare chance to spawn in Desert Biomes. His variant (Ancient Mummy) has 35% chance to appear.


Extra Info:

- Mummy applies Hunger III when he hits a player. (effect duration depends on difficulty) 

- When he is tracking a entity, he has a rare chance to spawn a beetle.

If this mob dies, 2 or 3 beetles spawns.

- Ancient Mummy can summon Flying Beetles instead of Normal Beetles.


Future Plans: Only spawn in Desert Pyramid.


Dead Beard Banner


Dead Beard Images

Drops: The same loot table of the Shipwreck's chests, 1-2 Rotten Flesh and 1 Treasure Chest. If he died with a TNT Barrel, he can drop that block.


Spawn: Beach Biomes. (Extremely Rare).


Extra Info:

- He has Knockback Resistance.

- If this zombie moves, he has a chance to spawn Zombie Pirates or Skeleton Pirates.

When Dead Beard has low health, he takes out a tnt barrel and he will explode in 5 seconds. If he explodes, the drops don't appear.

Zombie Pirates and Skeleton Pirates disappear after 30 seconds.


Future Plans: Only spawn in Shipwreck or Custom Ship.

Immortal Banner


Inmortal Images


Normal drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1-2 Bones.

During Thunderstorm: 100% chance to drop a Trident with: Channeling I, Riptide I or without enchantment.

Without Thunderstorm: 10% chance to drop a normal Trident.


Spawn: All the overworld during Thunderstorm. (Extremely Rare).

Except in biomes such as:

- Desert.

- Badlands

- Snow.


Extra Info:

- He applies Channelled Effect  when he hits a player.

- If lightning strikes him, his life is restored.

- He can infect/convert zombies. (Zombie turns into Zap, the new entity offspring of Immortal).

When he has low health, different lightning bolt appear near him and his speed increases.

- Immortal moves randomly when hit.

- He can perform a "dash attack". When this attack ends, his life is restored.


- If the thunderstorm is no longer available, Immortal loses all his "powers" and red particles appears on him...



FRF Banner

An icy rotten flesh from Frostbitten.

If you eat it:

- has 80% chance to apply freeze effect for 15 seconds
- can be cooked into rotten flesh


Extra Info:

You can cook Frozen Rotten Flesh to obtain normal Rotten Flesh. (You can use a Furnace, Smoker or Campfire).

FRF on Furnace

IFR Banner

A hot rotten flesh from Burned.


If you eat it:

- has 50% chance to apply fire resistance for 15 seconds or set the user on fire for 5 seconds
- can be used as fuel on a furnace, but you require at least 3 to cook a single item



TNT Barrel Banner

The best weapon from Dead Beard.


- It has the same explosion radius as the TNT.

- You can use a Flint and Steel or Fire Charged on it if you want to activate the TNT Barrel like a normal TNT.

- If you use a redstone mechanic on it. The TNT Barrel explodes immediatly. (This property is also applied if an explosion hit that block).

- You can use a Firework Rocket on it to launch it in every direction you look.

Treasure Banner

A chest treasured by smelly pirates


- You can obtain it if you kill Dead Beard.

- To open the treasure chest you have to put in the floor.

- When the treasure chest is open, it can drop random items like: Iron Nuggets, Golden Nuggets, Gold Ingot, Emerald, Diamond or Totem of Undying.

- The treasure chest dissapear when it drops all the loot.


WIP/Test Items:
Zombification Potion: A potion who gives zombie properties to user.
The properties:
- Effects during the Zombification: Hunger V, Slowness II and Strength.
- If the Hunger Bar is too low, the Strength effect increases to a maximum of level 3 (empty bar).
- Poison gives Instant Health to user. More useful than normal Instant Health or Regeneration.

To cancel the effect, you have to put a Golden Apple in your main hand, the milk is useless.



 English Review by textConjure. 1.14.4 Mod Version: 0.9.5


Spanish Review by Dan Space. 1.14.4 Mod Version: 0.9.2


Russian Review by Канал Кейна. 1.15.2 Mod Version: 0.9.7


The development of Fusion Studio mods is funded out of pocket, and so while we do intend on adding more content in the future, backporting is currently not viable. If you'd like to support the continued development of this mod and others, in addition to helping fund a 1.16 backport, please consider donating to our Patreon!