Resizing Potion

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Resizing Potion

A minecraft mod that adds potions to change your size!

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Stats compensation

Growth Potion Stats:

+50% Attack Damage * Amplifier
+50% Knockback Resistance * Amplifier
+25% Step Height * Amplifier
-20% Speed * Amplifier
-30% Attack Speed * Amplifier

Shrinking Potion Stats:

+50% Speed * Amplifier
+50% Attack Speed * Amplifier
+250% Jump Height * Amplifier
+Wall Climb Ability (Shrinking II and up)
-25% Attack Damage * Amplifier
-50% Knockback Resistance * Amplifier
-25% Step Height * Amplifier


  • Minecraft 1.12.2 (Do NOT ask for backports or updates please)
  • Artemis Lib (Ideally version 1.0.6 or newer) (Download)
  • A reasonably recent version of Minecraft Forge. (Install through your preferred supported launcher, like Twitch, MultiMC5 and GDLauncher)

Optional Mods

  • Baubles (by Azanor, download here): Adds a trinket that will constantly apply your potion. To obtain a trinket, craft the inert one and right click when you have the desired potion effect

Incompatible mods

  • Metamorph (Disobeys hitbox and eye height changes)
  • More Player Models (If you are at risk of epileptic seizures, please, do NOT put More Player Models and Resizing Potion together)
  • Morph (Eye height of Resizing Potion takes precedence)
  • Tropicraft (Dislikes hitbox changes)
  • Lucraft: Core (Ignores eye height changes)
  • Older versions of LLibrary (Causes a crash on startup, and doesn't leave a crash report)

Known Issues

  • When using shrinking II potions, standing close to walls will clip your camera through it, which might be used to cheat.
  • The camera acts funky sometimes, this cannot be fixed because it requires a coremod.

Other notes

  • This is not a way to permanently set your size to a specified value. Gullivers Reborn mod should take care of that, even though it's not supported anymore.
  • You should NOT play with higher levels of the shrinking potion. Collisions won't apply and you'll fall forever.


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